Electronic duo ADULT. share news about their latest release.

NEW: Vruno Releases Do otro lado da Praia

New music from Chilean producer Vruno.

NEW from Fanny Leona

New music and videos from Fanny Leona.

Grita Lobos Presents New Video

Peruvian electronic producer presents the third video of his second album on June 8.

The Rockin’ Sounds of Summer at Ruido Fest

Chicago is a few days away from the iconic Latin alternative summer music festival, Ruido Fest.…

Los Afters! Ruido Fest 2018 After-Party Lineups

The lineups for the 2018 Ruido Fest after-parties will take place at Sleeping Village. Tickets go…

Balún Announce Album Prisma Tropical (Drops July 20 on Good Child Music)

Balún announces new album to be released this summer on Good Child Music. #dreambow

Zoé’s Anniversary Tour, Azul and Panoramas

A look and review of Zoé’s new track, Azul, plus how they’re celebrating the band’s anniversary…

Of Musical Prayers and Political Musings, A Conversation with ÌFÉ (Performing May 28 – Mole De Mayo After Party Concert)

Led by Otura Roso Mun, ÌFÉ is in Chicago to debut this engaging spiritual musical at…