Sol Pereyra Debuts New Album EXISTO

Press Release

With “Dale más alto” and “Un poco más de nada” Sol Pereyra presents the songs that complete the EP “EXISTO,” a condensed version of six songs with a clear WorldBeat heart that the artist anticipated during the course of 2020.

“EXISTO” was produced by David Baluteau (producer, multi instrumentalist and arranger) and recorded between Argentina, Mexico, France and Spain, with participations of guest musicians from different countries that contribute with their own cultures and colors. The mastering was in charge of Pierre-Henri de Demel – ODN Mastering (Tours, France).

Danceable electronic beats, catchy melodies with choreable lyrics. Songs that accompany and make you dance. “EXISTO” goes through chill melodies with afro influences, electronic reggae mixed with hiphop and electropop. Successor of the EP “RESISTO” (2019), this material came to confirm that the sound evolution of Sol is more solid than ever and seems to have come to stay.

Track list: Photos, I like, I exist, And if tomorrow, Give it more high and A little more of nothing.

Invitadxs: Big James (Guatemala), Liliana Zavala (Sweden), Ignacio Falco (Argentina), Juan Manuel Miguez (Argentina), Dj Karim (Algeria), Silvano Zetina (Mexico), Panko (Spain), Carlos Mejía (Nicaragua), Luz Pereyra (Argentina).