Movie Review: The Way I See It

By Alejandro A. Riera Journalism is the first draft of history and Pete Souza was on…

Rap Mexa For The World Declares Niña Dioz In New Track About Mezcal

Oh, yes, please... check out this song about mezcal by Niña Dioz and Hispana.

The Steak House Mints Declare Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

NEW video from Chicago's The Steak House Mints.

NANCY SANCHEZ Releases La Maldita Bruja

Nancy Sanchez created a new instant Dia De los Muertos classic with her latest original track, “La…

NEW Come As You Are Remix by La Tribu Royale

This band of Venezuelans residing in Miami surprises with this reggae remix loaded with the personality…

The 36th Chicago Latino Film Festival, Sept. 18-27, Announces Programming for Its Virtual Edition

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago announced this month that the 36th Chicago Latino Film Festival will now take…

LP is the One That We Love

A conversation with artist LP and her new single, "The One That You Love."

Gael Garcia Bernal’s ‘Chicuarotes’ will open 12th Edition of Hola Mexico Film Festival through PANTAYA

12th Annual Virtual edition of Hola Mexico Film Festival takes places Sept 11-20.

Artist Testimonials for Friday’s Fundraising Event ¡Va Por El Crew!

Join the fundraising efforts of ¡Va Por El Crew! this Friday, August 28