The Ponderers January 25 Broadcast on Lumpen Radio

TONIGHT! Among the featured new singles on this radio broadcast are Pahua, Chicarica, Habitantes, Loreana, Marinah and Gabylonia. Tune in for the full experience from 6-8PM CST on 105.5FM Lumpen Radio.

Happy birthday, Lumpen Radio! Today marks the 5th anniversary of our beloved radio station where magical things are always happening. Head over to and become a member!

On this second broadcast of 2021 we’re thrilled to once again share new music, savor in some golden classics and possibly surprise you with unexpected gems in between. We are thrilled tonight’s show is broadcasting on the station’s fifth birthday. We’ve had the best time as we all navigated together in making this radio station what it is today. If you haven’t yet heard the rest of the programming on the station, we highly recommend it. There’s something for everyone.

Back to tonight’s show – we are featuring new tracks from artists like the band Habitantes who we fall for after the first notes hit our heart. Wow, such lovely music they’re making and we absolutely love “A Punto de Partir.”

In the same realm of feel-good sounds is the Chilean group Chicarica who dazzled us with their experience of a Chilean night with their new 12-track album, “Arde Lento,” which officially drops this Friday, Jan. 29. They do have a listening party, though, and that’s happening Wednesday via their YouTube channel.

Pahua is also on the playlist with her newest release, “Caramelo,” which is a softer and more pop version of her music, which we love to hear. The song talks about self-love and Pahua says, “Caramelo is a hymn to self-love to remember the great love we require to have in our minds and not to forget that when one heals insecurities and fears, one learns to share the best version of oneself.” Her new album, Ofrenda, drops Feb. 26.


Not so new but very recent is the release of “Ikite Iru” by Neptuna. WE LOVE THIS SONG and the video by these Guadalajara badasses.

Right before the last election, the musicians of Las Cafeteras released a trio of electoral anthems which brought awareness to the power of voting, and served as a call to realize the power of unity. We’re playing “Long Time Coming,” because it’s a beautiful way to listen to powerful voices coming together in, as they stated, to serve as a call to take action for racial and gender justice and a future where we live in harmony with nature.”

She’s one of our hip-hop queens and she’s been releasing singles like a boss. This one is another knock-out by the fierce one, Gabylonia and her call out, “Tirano.”

Let’s flip things a little and turn our attention to the “oh-my-goodness” this is so hot new single and video by Nathy Peluso. Girl! Giiirl! Do that thing! That’s all we are going to say about “Delito.” Ufff. PS: NSFW

In our hip-hop segment we’ve also included this Spanish slayer, Santa Salut, and her track “Duro” (Chicho Beats).

This MC reminds us a lil’ bit of Chicago’s own Brittany Carter. Her name is Sofia Gabanna and this is her track, “Twisted.”

We’re also digging these sultry vibes from Lee Eye on her track, “Gata.”

Of course, we also have a half-hour set of cumbias, mostly classics from back in the day including songs by Carmen Rivero, Chelo (what? yes!), La Sonora Dinamita and Sonia Lopez.

And let’s not forget Marinah, with her new track “Constelacion,” which mixes a little reggae, a little dembow flavor, for a phenomenal new style of her music.

These are some of the highlights from tonight’s broadcast. The full playlist is below. Thanks for tuning in to The Ponderers on Lumpen Radio. We broadcast second and fourth Mondays from 6-8PM CST.

Marinah – “Constelacion”
Las Cafeteras, Degruvme – “Long Time Coming”
Patterns – “Spirit”
Jona Camacho & Vanessa Zamora – “Te Choca Te Checa”
Sidi Rum ftg Dat Garcia – “180 Grados”
Monte – “Colibri”
ALQBS – “Hayly”

Habitantes – “Antes de Partir”
Chicarica – “Arde Lento”
Silvana Estrada – “Para Siempre (Forever)”
Pahua – “Caramelo”
Buscabulla – “El Aprieto”
Angelica Garcia – “Guadalupe”
D’Anza – “For the people”
Asi Asi – “Carne Molida”
Neptuna – “Ikite Iru”

Gabylonia – ‘Tirano’
Lee Eye – ‘Gata’
Loreana – ‘Ciudad Moderna’
Santa Salut – ‘Duro’
Sofia Gabanna – ‘Twister’
Hispana, Flor de Rap – ‘Las Hijas del Rap’
Nathy Peluso – ‘Delito’
Afrobeta – ‘Chancletazo’
Dengue Dengue Dengue – ‘Cocha’

Sonia López – “El Callejon”
Carmen Rivero y Su Conjunto – “Cumbia de la media noche”
Linda Vera – “La Pollera Colora”
Carmen Rivero – “Cumbia del Monte”
Chelo – “El Foco”
La Sonora Dinamita & Mariana Seoane – “Escandalo”
Pacho Galan – “Currucuchando”
ESSO – “Cumbia del Encanto”
Pibes Chetos – “Star Wars Cumbia”