Kordelya, Agitating Senses with Mal Hecha

By Sandra Trevino

Catch a radio recap of my interview with Kordelya on Friday, March 27th during my Enchufate segment on Vocalo 91.1FM The Morning AMp (8AM CST Stream: Vocalo.org)

With audacious lyrics that dance haughtily along to sassy beats, Kordelya‘s new album Mal Hecha gives us a glorious sample of current music as shaped by the hands of today’s artists. The nine-track recording is a sonic adventure meant to agitate your senses.

Kordelya is fearless with words and explosive drops of sounds that provoke curiosity. In the song “Acero,” for example, things begin with a set of sounds that make you wonder if it’s heading into industrial? Wait, no, perhaps it’s going into dark-wave territory? Nah, that’s expected. What is unexpected is what it becomes – something more grandiose.

We love the humor and tongue-in-cheek mood of songs like “Terco,” “s a l u d o s” and “Pedazo De” as well as, across the board, those bass-heavy drops, the trap, the synth-y elements and those subtle tropical tinges. File this under cool trap-based Latinx electro-pop.

In the cheeky track “Pedazo De,” the composer highlights the use of the guqin, a Chinese stringed instrument. And about this particular song, Kordelya explains that “the lyrics describe the notion of feeling trapped in a cycle of enchantment over a person that ultimately uses you. It is an awakening of one’s self love, and the journey of empowerment to break the spell this person has over you. Even if it takes a little revenge.”

This is a conversation we had with Kordelya on Future Rootz (105.5FM Lumpen Radio WLPN-LP) on Friday, March 13, 2020. We speak about the meaning of Mal Hecha, thoughts on the term Latinx and how the current pandemic is affecting life.

As a side note: Remember, artists continue to create so we continue to share what they’re doing. Let’s keep the momentum going.

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