Gozamos Recommends: Chicago Events for the Week of February 5, 2018

For the week of Feb. 5, 2018, Gozamos contributors have put together a list of some Chicago events they recommend. Click on the event name for more detailed information.

Week of February 5, 2018 – Chicago

Blue Monday at Cafe Mustache
Cabaret pianist Kyra Leigh debuts “Transfigure.” She’s joined by The Glass Trio. Plus, a cappella version of new wave and punk classics! C’mon! 

CLWI Writing Workshop at Rudy Lozano Library
This event is all about writing so if you want to jump-start, continue, or just exercise your creative skills, this workshop will guide you with unique prompts. Trust us, writing will happen. 
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/344917509322286/

Rezident: Featuring Instituto Grafico de Chicago
Lo Rez Brewery & Taproom is hosting and celebrating their first Spring Rezident program with The Instituto Gráfico de Chicago and The National Museum of Mexican Art. The gallery debuts with nine Latinx and Latin American printmaking artists.  #dichosydiretes

FEB 10
Music and Movement for Kids
This is a 60 minute kids class, hosted at Olin Studio in Pilsen, for play, singing in two different languages (English & Spanish), dancing and exploring instruments. Kids Ages 1-5 are welcome with parent. Every Saturday from noon to 1:00 p.m.

FEB 10
Vocalo Winter Block Party at Metro
These events are always a great time, family friendly and showcase plenty of local talent. Gratis!

FEB 10

Julieta Álvarez Leal – Photography Reception – #foundheartseries

We’ve been keeping an eye on the so-very-random and unique images of heart-shaped anythings that Julieta Alvarez captures through her lens in her everyday. She’s now put some of these together and is showcasing her work at Mestiza Shop.

FEB 10
PUM PUM: Sufriras
Get down to the best of reggeaton, juke, dembow, moombahton and more at Subterranean. The night’s DJS are Hush Papi, Roger McFly, LO Kari and Cqqchifruit.

FEB 11
Adan Jodorosky at Beat Kitchen
May I suggest a musical dose of warm, lush and dreamy tropi-folk sounds? Does his unique upbringing add a dose of surrealism to the whole thing? Go find out in person. He was at Ruido Fest 2017 and he’s got a new album, Esencia Solar. LA Times referred to his music as bedroom folk. Heh. 

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