NEW! Cigarro tinto y monchis by Rabia Rivera & Jerónimo Gorráez

Mexican rapper Rabia Rivera debuts a new video for her single, Cigarro tinto y monchis.

NEW from Leontine

NEW video and music from Leontine. The duo performs March 28 in Mexico City.

Sor Juana Festival: 25 Years of Celebrating Mexican Women (March-April 2019 NMMA)

The Sor Juana Festival celebrates Mexican & Mexican American woman. Check out the schedule and lineup...

SXSW 2019: Sounds from Spain

A preview of the Sounds From Spain artists performing at #SXSW this week.

NEW: Nourishing Sounds in Suplington’s After Life

‘Sound nourishment’ is what we refer to as that restorative and uplifting sensation you experience when…

EVENT: Me llamo Sebastián in Chicago (Thu Jan 10 at Pilsen Vintage, 7pm)

Me Llamo Sebastian performs on Thursday, Jan 10 at Pilsen Vintage & Thrift. 7pm. Free.

What Aretha Franklin Meant To Me and Her Influence on Latin Music

Latino musicians and artists share their thoughts on the influence Aretha Franklin had in their life…

OPEN Center for the Arts and Envisioning Justice Presents ‘Within Walls: Forever Under Surveillance’ – August 17

Press Release OPEN Center for the Arts is teaming with Envisioning Justice to present our next…

El Pueblo Unido: Making Movies and Friends Host Rally for RAICES

RALLY FOR RAICES Benefit Concert at Subterranean featuring Making Movies, Quinto Imperio, Los Marafackas, Juan Lugo…