Celebrate Pilsen Outpost’s New Location

Pilsen Outpost will celebrate their new space, located at 1637 W. 18th Street, during the opening reception of “In Your Bones” a solo exhibit featuring Guatemalan artist,  Florangel Témaj, on Friday, July 6th.  Event link.

Details from Pilsen Outpost:

“Dear Community, Artist Family, Fans, and Supporters,

We are writing this public letter to share and keep you all up in our business! We all love a good chisme, and as entertaining as it might be hearing it through the grapevine, we wanted to give you all our chisme directly.

There are a handful of opportunities and partnerships that have come our way either by the grace of the universe and or through months of planning and relationship building. Our intention in sharing all of this publicly is for others to hopefully be influenced and inspired. To view us as a model and example, of how the work between us as a thriving local business with history, and others as community members, new businesses and new residents have consciously put forth work efforts into relationship and community building.

So here it is!

Pinche Lucha Poca Lana
Our fundraising event in April was very humbling. We raised enough funds to help support the overall Pilsen Outpost efforts, caught up on business expenses, and announced our initiative towards creating a non-profit in 2019. THANK YOU to all that shared their love and support!

We’re MOVING! 
No, we didn’t hit a jackpot. No, we didn’t raise enough money to buy a building. We are still in the Pinche Lucha and our community residents want to make sure we remain thriving!
Although we have loved loved loved being on 21st & Damen, we were offered an affordable, sustainable and secure space on 18th Street we couldn’t refuse.  When the universe brings people through your door who genuinely want to help and understand their role in being a responsible building owner in a rapidly changing community like ours, you strengthen your faith and move forward with the path.  We will celebrate the new space located at 1637 W. 18th Street, during the opening reception of our featured international artist from Guatemala, FlorAngel, on July 6th.

Forming like Voltron!  
Pilsen Outpost joins forces with three other entities who will share in making the new space a creative hub and environment for our community. ​Mixed Media artist, Adriana Pena of Meshikanita will be offering workshop series and classes of  traditional Mexican Embroidery and Folk-Art painting styles.
Master Printmaker, Carlos Barberena of Bandolero Press will be offering printmaking workshops for all skill levels. Kira Aguirre of Pintura Obscura will be offering unique BYOB sip and paint classes for adults, as well as Family Friendly painting classes for the youngsters. 

​Rezident Program at Lo Rez Brewery
Pilsen Outpost has signed on to be the curator for Lo Rez Brewery’s Rezident Program this Fall!  The Rezident program was created from the beginning months of Lo Rez opening up last year and has been an art initiative that supports local Pilsen artists and encourages a community of grassroots fundraising. The determining factor in our decision to partner and collaborate with Lo Rez, was the history of how the proceeds from each exhibition has 100% supported the artist, non-profit or project being highlighted each month. Lo Rez offers the space and resources to make each event as successful as possible to raise funds and support the working artist community along with important social issues.

After many discussions and dialogue about the climate in our community, we have come up with an agreement in which we felt could hold their presence accountable to commitments and actions that would not only benefit the community but also begin to weave them into the neighborhood as a business that genuinely has the people in it, as a priority, to serve and work for through these collaborative partnerships.

Pilsen Outpost / Lo Rez Objective:
“In an effort to strengthen the Rezident program of LRB and commitment to community engagement, Pilsen Outpost and LRB have partnered in a collaboration which will provide opportunity and accessibility of the taproom to the Pilsen community. The taproom will serve as an additional exhibition venue for Pilsen Outpost, while also providing Pilsen Outpost with the fundraising, space, staff & event planning required to successfully exhibit work from the Pilsen Outpost artist family. By developing a relationship with Pilsen Outpost, we (LRB) believe there is an opportunity for mutually successful art exhibits, Pilsen community development, and effective fundraising for Pilsen Outpost.”

Future Plans! 
As mentioned earlier, we are working towards becoming a non-profit in 2019. During the Rezident program, proceeds will be put towards starting a Seed Fund for the non-profit and cultural space Pilsen Outpost is working towards opening in the near future. With the foundation we have built and established over the last 4 years and the work we are continually doing, many of our events and projects will be efforts in growing that seed fund.

What’s going to happen to the old space?
Pilsen Outpost and Inner City Culture have partnered to ensure the location is maintained as a community serving space. They will take residence of the location and begin working towards providing resources for local youth. As a community organization, Inner City Culture has curated events in the past, to directly benefit inner-city youth. As one of their biggest events of the year, Pilsen Taco Fest will be donating proceeds to the Benito Juarez HS Dreamers Scholarship Fund. We are excited and happy that Inner City Culture will be holding the space down!

THANK YOU for your time and interest about what we have been up to and what we will be doing. Please feel free to spread all our business! Anyone wanting more details or would like to discuss further any of our projects, partnerships, collaborations or just want to have a straight up conversation, come thru! We have regular hours and always welcome in person dialogue.

​Teresa Magaña & Pablo Ramirez”