Arts & Entertainment 2012 Recap, Second Half

We’ve been growing quickly both in quality and quantity. The status quo has been obliterated, and we hope you all have enjoyed the A&E offerings of 2012. The second half buzzer has sounded, so away we go!


Chicago Urban Arts Society Presents: Red Bull Curates
The second half of the year kicked off with a good ole fashioned art competition at Chicago Urban Arts Society. A collection of Chicago’s most creative minds competed in the Red Bull Curates project there, which sent three winners (Hebru Brantley, Don’t Fret, and Goons) to Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

Artist Profile: Chris Silva
Chris Silva has been doing his thing for quite some time. We caught up with him to talk about his space at Believe Inn and his illustrious career as an artist.

Growing Up Chicago: Baseball Edition
A new midsummer classic featuring extreme baseball expertise from Chicago: A Drinking Town With A Sports Problem’s Mauricio Rubio regarding growing up in Chicago with the love of baseball.


Artist Profile: Christian “C215” Guemy
French street art pioneer and stencil savant Christian “C215” Guemy takes us inside his world, a world that livens up and lightens up public places from here to eternity.

Artist Profile/Video: GAIA
GAIA may be beyond brilliant and way ahead of the curve, but at the same time this old soul is one of the most down to earth and chill cats ever to grace these pages. We hung out during the beginning stages of his mural at 16th and Halsted for a chit chat about so many of the topics!


Alphabet Soup at Galerie F
Andres ventured out to our favorite Logan Square spot, Galerie F for their Alphabet Soup show and showed us the art of the letter.

Artist Profile: Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros
In one of my most fun interviews of the year, Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros takes us with our favorite Disney and pop culture characters to the modernized world of today, encapsulating some of society’s most serious so-called issues. Disclaimer: Be prepared to never look at your cartoon friends the same way ever again.


Artist Profile: The One and Only Jeremy Fish
Make no bones about it, Jeremy Fish is straight beasting. The genius gave us some of his time for a truly one hundred percent, one-of-a-kind-master-of-his-domain interview.

The Pilsen Renaissance & CUAS’ Lauren Pacheco
I took some heat for using the word renaissance this fall, but if you look that shit up, the word literally translates to “rebirth.” When the movement gets documented in the future, the events that took place this summer are for sure to be included in the long lineage of The Pilsen Renaissance. Something that was born in Pilsen long ago has been reborn on the walls once again, albeit in a much different way this time. We chatted with Chicago Urban Arts Society’s leading lady, Lauren Pacheco about the new mural project in Pilsen and arts in Chicago, among other things.

Theater Review: Unnatural Spaces by Coya Paz
Coya Paz’s latest show opened and provoked questions about whether or not we give a shit about the world we live in. Soooooooooooo…do we?


Artist Profile: Anthony Lister
“Fuck art. Let’s vandal.” Superstar on the rise Anthony Lister perfectly melds together the lessly and lessly contrasting worlds of fine art and street art with apparent ease and obviously intense strength.

Theater Review: Adentro at Aguijon Theater
Another in depth theater review, this time Adentro at Aguijon Theater.


And then this happened. We took our talents to South Beach for Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 to end the year on the highest of notes while creating an annual tradition in the process. We honestly could have filled this year with content from Basel alone. Join in the fun whenever you’re ready, Chicago.

Gozamos at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, Part One

Gozamos at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, Part Two

Gozamos at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, Part Three

Now raise your glasses for a toast to 2013. It’s a celebration…