Artist Profile: Anthony Lister

His technique is unquestionably on point and in tune with declarations of him being “Australia’s best contemporary artist” dictating the pulse of the newest, most wavey lowbrow movement. His visions are unmistakably vivid and abstract all at once. He inspires an entire generation of artists, critics, and collectors the world over, and now he’s giving us the lowdown (Well, not really. Dude is reluctant to elaborate on much beyond the bare bones of what’s happening in his world, but I like it) on what it’s like to be the master of his own universe.

A central theme throughout your newest body of work focuses on a fascination and playfulness with American pop culture and imagery. Would you care to verbally elaborate on that exploration?
I was raised by television so I guess that has something to do with it. I make work that I can relate to.

Your variety of shapes and spaces has allowed you to take on this new persona of Adventure Painter, which I absolutely love. How did you come to create this collection?
Adventure painting is just another way of saying problem creator and problem solver. I lay these equations out in order to discover new compositions and aesthetic resolutions.

Your textures offer sort of a mixture of fine art, street art, and an influential airbrushed effect in certain instances. Do you see a melding of minds taking place across the board in this regard, or do you think there will always be that divide between the different art worlds?
It’s not an aim for me to do this. I make work wherever I am so it kind of just all falls in together. I don’t consider my studio practice street art no. I also don’t consider my street art graffiti, nor do I consider my graffiti fine art. Each practice has a boundary and has a place in its own existence.

How would you describe your work to someone who cannot see?
It’s like something cold and wet when you weren’t expecting it.

Tell us about the art scene, and the street art scene specifically, in your native Australia.
Its alive, people make stuff.

So, you’ve lived in NY (right?) and practically lived in LA with all the trips you made back and forth over the years. Give us a little compare/contrast on US and the world in terms of art.
It’s all the same. The cops are the enemy.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling? Least favorite?
Favorite- catching up with old friends. Least favorite- Seeing that everything I put up on the street has been taken down.

Do you have a favorite pop culture icon?

My new benchmark for my artist profiles has become this: List your Top 10 Artists of All-Time, any medium, any genre, 10 favorite artists ever.
Marcel Duchamp
Francis Bacon
The Chapman Brothers
Brett Whiteley
Ian Fairweather
Robert Rauschenberg
Willem de Kooning
My grandmother

Tell us what’s going on with Au Courant at Tim Olsen Gallery.
I made some paintings now they’re showing them.

The shape of the figure in your Party life drawing conveys a sense of mystery while the colors are intrinsically basic in nature. How do you go about developing that certain contrast your pieces?
I use what I have available at the time. These pieces were a nice discovery. I enjoy the adventure. Sometimes I lose, that’s ok.

Your colors are bold and your pallet precise. Where do your visions come from? What is the root of your artistic ability?
I can’t answer that. I work with instinct.

How can our readers keep current with what you’re up to?
My website-, facebook, instagram, im pretty out there.

What’s coming up?
I have a solo in London in November. Then Hong Kong, then Miami Basel. I’m off to New York next week. Same old. Busy busy.

Anthony is opening Unslung Heroes in London on Thursday, November 15th. Just a quick flight across the pond away from it all…

Busy busy. You can say that again, Mr. Lister.

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