VIDEO PREMIERE: Mientele by Dolor Folktrónico

“I wrote the words from the perspective of a guy who doesn’t want to see the person they love in anymore pain,” Lester states. “If the first steps to leaving a toxic relationship is lying, then dale. One lie can be the start of finding your personal truth.”

Such is the premise for the new single Mientele by Dolor Folktrónico, a trio formed by singer-songwriter Lester Rey and tropical-bass producer duo Los Marafackas who have been hitting it hard performing all across the city since their debut earlier this year. They’re showcasing their creativity again this Saturday, October 20 – together and separately – at the Xicago UrbanX event at Subterranean.

All three creative minds have a plethora of musical influences ranging from boleros, bugalú and reggaeton to rock, norteño, metal and everything in between. In combination with their dexterity utilizing electronic instrumentation, synths, drum machines and unconventional time signatures, it’s refreshing to hear what magically emerges when traditional Latino sounds come together to form this unique new soundscape they’ve created referred to as ‘musica folktrónica.’

“Dolor Folktrónico’s music aims to express emotions of angst and hope in much the same way that old school Latin boleros and gruperos do.”

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Dolor Folktrónico



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