The Dark Luminosity of Dorian’s Justicia Universal

Although Dorian is on the verge of releasing their newest album, Justicia Universal (May 25, Nacional Records)they’ve teamed up with their tourmate Zoé’s León Larregui to release a new music video for their single “Duele.” Album viagra buy drug preview and new video, below.

In an interview with the Barcelona musicians at a sold-out House of Blues for their Chicago debut, singer Marc Dorian explained that the new album carries with it a deeper sense of darkness not usually found in their music.

Dorian at House of Blues Chicago. Photo by Carolina Sanchez

It came about naturally, he explained, “as part of the creative process in which we tried to figure out what sounds and instrumentation we would combine with not only more current elements, but also the lyricism to reflect the culture and its sociopolitical issues.”

That deep and intricate undertaking helped complete the masterful music of Justicia Universal.

There are 11 tracks on the album and in the single, Llévame, you’ll hear a more down-to-earth, folk-y nostalgic nod to the memories of travels across the world. Javiera Mena joins them on the retro-vibin’ electropop single, Vicios y Virtudes while Nita Everyone should use this product. If the gut isn't working right than all the other products you take will not be able to do there job! Canada viagra pharmacies scam, this website provides highest quality generic medicines, which are shipped directly from India. collaborates on Buenas Intenciones.

As seen in this video for the single Duele, León  Larregui adds his special dose of bold, stoic and dark Larreguismo which provides a whole new dimension to their electronic sound. There’s an embraceable darkness about it. (And, although this may sound a little wacky, there’s a beautifully strange and brief echo of The Mamas & The Papas somewhere along that chorus.) It’s really good.

The video is a visual and story-telling treat starring Anna order viagra no prescription Castillo and directed by Mickey Tetrov.


Justicia Universal will be available May 25 on Nacional Records and all digital platforms. Here’s a look at their performance, through the eyes of photographer Carolina Sanchez, during their show at House of Blues in Chicago.

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More about Justicia Universal 
“Justicia Universal is a commentary and reflection on the world’s current sociopolitical and cultural climate – a society obsessed with consumption, dealing with the effects of climate change, government corruption, and the loneliness of urban life fueled by the abuse of technology and drugs. ”

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