REVIEW & PHOTOS: Matisyahu, Common Kings and Orphan (Concord Music Hall)

Matisyahu @ Concord Music Hall Chicago

Saturday, December 9 Matisyahu, Common Kings and Orphan gave an incredible performance at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. 

As part of “The Broken Crowns” tour, taking these three acts throughout most of the United States, with a stop in Vancouver, Canada we were treated to a pretty dope fusion of reggae and hip hop like no other.

Known for past hits like “King Without a Crown” and “Sunshine”, Matisyahu celebrates his sixth studio album “Undercurrent” (eleven albums overall) on this tour and delighted fans to hits and favorites from his thirteen years of recording.

“Undercurrent” is an album produced like non other in his past and Matisyahu has marked this new release as “special” because of the unique take on its production; allowing the music to be written first and then inspire his word (traditionally songs are created in the reverse order).

Support from Common Kings was well received and their reggae fusion style hyped the crowd, presenting material off their album “Lost in Paradise”, a track recently recorded with hip hop group ¡Mayday! and even samples of West coast rap; representing their roots from Hawaii and Samoa to California.

Orphan opened the night with an eclectic instrumental performance that set the mood for the evening.

Currently “The Broken Crowns Tour” with Matisyahu, Common Kings and Orphan is running through March 2018 hitting New York, California, Florida, Georgia and more.

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