PREMIERE: ¡Peligrosa! 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

“Celebrating 10 years of puro pinche pari!”

Heartfelt cheers and congratulations to ¡Peligrosa!, the Texas collective of Latin artists and music-makers, who got their start back in 2007 and are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month. In celebration, Discos Peligrosa (the record label extension headed by Orión García and Manny Montiel) is commemorating this momentous occasion and landmark event with a star-studded compilation featuring many of the artists who have contributed to the ¡Peligrosa! movement.

“Hyper-creative and rousing, this compilation immerses us in the multi-dimensional compositions of music masters from around the globe.”

From Cali to Peru, from Mexico to Hungary, this compilation brings together an expansive array of sounds reinterpreted through cultural colloquialisms permeating in and around the global and eclectic soundscapes of today’s borderless music community. 

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Peligrosa 10 Year Anniversary
Release Date: December 15th , 2017
Catalog No: DP0015
Label: Discos Peligrosa

Dead Stare & Chong-X – El Asesino

Sotomayor – A Mi Lado

Raka Rich – Tiene El Control

El Dusty ft La Diabla – Mi Cumbia Se Respeta

Deltatron – Tragic Life Traffic Life

MoonDoctoR – Ponto

Jefferson D Lion – No Es Un Taboo

Dj Chap – PDX Test

Royal Highness – Saka La Bukana

Niña Dioz – Mierda (Reptilian Commander Rmx)

Dave Nada & Orión García – Playa Sin Agua


About ¡Peligrosa!

Established December 2007, PELIGROSA is a collective of DJs, producers and visual artists reenergizing the sights and sounds of Latin Americas past, present and future.

About Discos Peligrosa

Established in January of 2015 and headed by Orión García and Manny Montiel, Discos Peligrosa is a unique, multi-faceted label, publisher and music marketing organization that provides distinctive brand development through music-driven live and social events. In addition, by providing worldwide distribution through their international strategic alliances, Discos Peligrosa is able to continue fostering an ever growing allegiance of fans through out the globe.

Promulgating the antiquity of Latin music and culture, Discos Peligrosa, on the forefront of the international Latin community, is now well known beyond it’s local Texas boarders. Having toured, collaborated and curated events, Discos Peligrosa continues it’s expansion in to the unknown world of music creativity from all corners of the globe.