Rastros De Ser

Chicago multidisciplinary artist and cultural organizer, Amara Betty Martinjoins forces with The Pilsen Outpost to present Ms. Martin’s first solo show which honors and gives voice to the vibrant independent culture of communities of color across Chicago and beyond.


This exhibition presents new works that document communities in Chicago, New Mexico and Mexico through photography, collage, captured sound, poetry, text, pattern based works, music and documents the urban lucha of a second generation Puerto Rican creator.

Amara Betty documents and honors the vibrant Latino and African American communities she is shaped by which are full of immense beauty, color, culture, tradition, and strength in the face of immense social struggle, gentrification, cultural homogenization, state violence, migration and displacement.

Through examining elements of shared cultural ties, histories, local and global social justice movements, liberation, community and state repression in a style that is colorfully urban, progressive, afro-latino, indigenous and spiritual Amara Betty looks to have the audience see these issues from an often overlooked perspective.

The purpose of these works being to give a voice to everyday warriors and to create an avenue for discussing intense issues of our time through accessible and relative storytelling.

Pilsen Outpost is an artist run retail shop and gallery in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It is a retail environment aimed at introducing and immersing customers in the unique and exciting work of local emerging community artist. The shop/gallery is open Mon & Tue by appointment, Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 8pm and is located at 1958 W. 21st Street in Chicago. (21st ST & Damen Ave / CTA Damen Pink Line)

March 4th, 2016 we gather for “Rastros de Ser” a Barrio to Barrio Exhibition a celebration of community, culture, struggle and the lucha at the Chicago’s Pilsen Outpost.

This exhibition will feature music by Chicago DJ’s AfroQbano and Angelfuk.

Rastros de Ser:
A Barrio to Barrio Exhibition
Works by Amara Betty Martin
March 4th, 2016
6pm – 11pm
The Pilsen Outpost
1958 W. 21st Street, Chicago

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