Pilsen Fest Battle of the Bands – Hip Hop Edition

The road to Chicago’s Pilsen Fest has begun with the annual Battle of the Bands, this year with more opportunities to play and more variety. The first episode took place at Simone’s on 18th St., with a battle of lyrical prowess as three Chicago artists took the mic.

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The battle consisted of locals RIOSCOS vs. LV vs. BEERS And BEARDS. With an ending that resulted in a tie between LV and Beers and Beards, the crowd cheered to crown LV as the winner, but it was extremely close. All three artists have a strong following in Chicago but the support for LV was obvious as fans chanted along to his song “Andale” and others.

All three acts are worthy of the stage and none disappointed. The twist for this year’s battle is that there will be no elimination rounds. كيفية لعب بوكر If you win the night on the night that you compete, you are in to play one of the stages at Pilsen Fest. This event will repeat itself over the next 8 weeks (on Thursdays at Simone’s) with DJ battles also to be included and competing under the same rules. كازينو ٨٨٨

There are still chances to participate so hit up the Pilsen Fest organizers if you, your cousin, your uncle’s band, or your favorite bedroom DJ are interested! لعبة قمار للايفون