The Power of Shifting Perspectives in new video from Nuria Saba

In a phone call from her home in Lima, Peru, singer-songwriter Nuria Saba tells us all about her new video for the track, Se fue la luz. “Being surrounded by loving people is very important to me and the making of this video, its simplicity and how easy-going it is, requires that even more” she explains. The song is off her most recent album, Niña Ojos Púrpura, which blends Peruvian sounds that emerge as musical and complex Andean folk tales.

About the process on how this video came to be, Nuria adds, “Out of the nine songs on the album, I feel Se fue la luz was the one people can connect with the most. Its uplifting melody brings joy to the audience every time I play it live and as summer comes to an end (at least on this part of the continent) it falls into this period of transition.”

“It took some time deciding the direction this would take,” she continues. “I felt a more commercial approach was not true to my identity and wasn’t comfortable at all but at the end it shaped into a more artsy perspective, with the help of Adrian Saba, my brother, who came to a decision of showing what happens within darkness and finding that light revealing itself in any shape or form. We experimented with this idea since this is not the first time we work together – I’ve collaborated in the past adding music to his film projects. This made it easy for us to communicate visually.”

Se fue la luz is about the freedom one finds after reaching that internal light we all have deep inside knowing that even if we are surrounded by darkness it is not always a bad thing because life will go on… even after being beaten to a core there will always be a better outcome by fighting and persevering until the very end of our existence. For that I am immensely happy in how the video turned out.”

We agree. Nuria Saba’s new video provides the message that, changing perspectives, even in the darkest of moments, is key to moving forward.

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