Bovice: Your New Favorite Hardcore Band

Bovice is the newest brainchild of Chicago music mainstays and true hardcore aficionados Tevin Washington (Guitar), Tim Washington (Guitar), Adam Halfaker (Bass), Adam Thorsness (Drums), and Julian Cortez (Vocals). With a brand new demo unleashed on the world recently, we caught up with Julian for a rundown on what’s good with the band, where to find the music (SEE BELOW, WE GOT YOU!), and how they go about creating.

If your life has been feeling a hardcore void, Bovice has got you covered. كيف تلعب القمار Peep the technique, and let us know what you think.

Bovice artwork by Chad Lawson, editing by Christopher Mollet

How did you guys get together and form the band?

I’ve known our guitarists Tim and Tevin for a while from the Chicago scene in our old bands. They were jamming with Adam T, drummer of the band Thieves. After they had some practices in, they asked me to be a part of the band doing vocals. We still needed a bassist and asked Adam H, who’s been in multiple local bands, to come through and jam with us. They’re all so talented and the writing process just clicked. ربح مال حقيقي

How long have you known each other?

I just met Adam H. this past year and he’s such a solid dude. I’ve played shows with Adam T’s band in the past, but we we never really talked. He’s become a good friend in the process of forming the band. Tim and Tevin, who are brothers, have been my good friends for about 9 years now. We’ve played shows with our old bands and I’ve been a fan of their other band Burdened since they formed.

Is the name a Grand Theft Auto reference?

It is not. Haha. So many people think it’s a reference to the old YouTube video Unforgivable, but I was told by Tevin that Bovice is what he sees as the little demon on his shoulder. That stuck with me and I’ve been down for that ever since.

Tell me about your songwriting process…

Tim and Tevin bring the riffs! We listen to them, and they start brainstorming the structure of the song. Where the upbeat gallops and stuff go, to where the heavy chugging breakdown riffs should get thrown in. I’m constantly writing lyrics, and I just piece together lines with the same content for some songs. Other songs, like Omega, were written about specific situations in my life. That song in particular is about how my father was hospitalized from a violent attack when I was younger.

Are you aware of the urban dictionary entry for bovice?

Haha yes! We are very aware of the entry and want to publicly say that the name Bovice, to us, does not have that same meaning. شرح موقع bet365 It’s still hilarious though!

Who are some of your main musical influences?

We all have so many different influences. A lot of hardcore like 100 demons, E Town Concrete, and Terror Ave. We also draw strong influences from old school and new school hip hop, death metal, funk, to obscure Icelandic folk music. Haha.

You rap, you lead this band, what do you like best about creating music in both genres? And how does your interest in many genres bleed into this project, if at all?

I love the freedom. I hate the separation of genres. I write lyrics for Bovice the same way I would write 16 bars for a hip hop track. I love twisting the English language to further my point. My love for hip hop and off-timed vocal patterns can definitely be heard in our demo and will be very apparent in our upcoming releases.

What is next for you guys in terms of shows, touring, etc.?

We are actually in talks with multiple promoters in Chicago to set up an awesome first show/tape release show. We are making cassette tapes of the demo and can’t wait to put it out. Also, we have multiple designs for merch coming out and will be available at our shows!

Where can our readers grab the demo?

And all streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes

What do you want listeners main takeaway to be after experiencing Bovice?

We are just 5 dudes who love Chicago, love hardcore, and love creating music for our friends to have fun listening to…