Nacional Records Teams Up with La Clinica Records

Nacional Records just announced that they’re partnering up with La Clinica Records, a label created by Frank ‘El Medico’ Rodriguez which specializes in global bass and Latin EDM. Their first collaborative release debuts Jan. 26 and features hip-hop/R&B artist, YOUNG.

Read more about this new venture and release…

Press Release

YOUNG, aka Jorge Gonzalez Villar, was born in 1994 in the Canary Islands. As a teenager, he let his interest in Hip-Hop guide him in recording several tracks in the privacy of his room. After a few years of experimenting musically, YOUNG uploaded a track to a social media platform, where the song quickly went viral and reached over a million streams. This marked the beginning to several viral successes.

Frank “El Médico” says, “A wise man once told me, record labels should be no more than a bullhorn for great music. I feel this new partnership with Nacional Records puts a bullhorn in our hands, and we are about get loud!”

About Nacional Records:

Listed among Billboard’s “Top 50 Indie Labels,” Nacional Records has amassed over 80 Grammy and Latin Grammy awards and nominations. With a nod to left-of-center sounds, Nacional’s roster crosses a variety of genres and has released
a number of Billboard-charting albums.

About La Clinica Records:

La Clinica Records was founded by Frank “El Médico” Rodriguez. In the midst of a career built on helping many others achieve their hits. Frank decided that there was a gap that needed filling. The label’s focus has been on global bass, trap, moombahton, dembow, baile funk, and Latin EDM. It’s a space that has allowed Frank El Médico to discover talent all over the world from Latin America, Mexico, Spain, to Russia and Japan.

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