More than Music – North Coast Music Festival 2017

In addition to the stellar lineups presented at Union Park as part of the North Coast Music Festival, event organizers have made it a point to include community organizations, art collectives and installations that celebrate overall well being. This year’s festival takes place September 1-3 and tickets are available here.

Living Gallery

Teaming up with Ava Grey Designs and The Elder Tree, this space is designated as a tribute to the history of street art with live painting by artists from across the globe. Previous paintings created in this artistic hub have gone on to hang in museums and galleries in Chicago.

This year’s lineup of painters includes:
Kane One
David Bozic
Brendan Cooney
Giraffe Kat
Glass Cuisine
Junk Yard
Isamar Medina
Gloe One
Ivan Vasquez

Site Installations by:
Josh Blaylock
Brain Killer
Eight Cell


North Coast says they have “never been just about the music,” and strive to “treat mind, body and community in addition to your inner tiny dancer.” This year, they’ve added complinmentary yoga sessions by VIBE Flo with yogi Cassandra Justine of Choose Joy Yoga! Each day before the fest, head over to the Living Gallery area and join a free class which ends with a Sound Bath and chakra balancing with quartz crystal singing bowls and acoustic guitar sounds. Dexter Allen will provide additional soothing sounds for each session.

Toast of the Coast

Did you know that every year North Coasts hosts a Toast of the Coast Competition? The idea behind this is to give an opportunity to local talent – whether a band, solo artist or DJ – to play at the festival. After today’s final voting, winners will battle it out at Chop Shop on August 8.

Silent Disco

This headphones-on silent disco event has become a popular mainstay of NCMF and will be located in the Living Art Gallery with a channel designated by The Elder Tree. This allows the audience to take a break from the festival and listen to music on headphones while viewing the live painting going on. Check out the lineup for this…

About North Coast Music Festival

North Coast Music Festival is a collaboration of independent promoters in Chicago. We are React Presents, Silver Wrapper, Cold Grums Productions and Metronome Chicago. With a collective 50 years producing events, we’ve presented everything from small shows to selling out large scale concerts. Some of us specialize in electronic, hip hop, jam band, indie rock and all kinds of genres. With this festival we’ve come together to celebrate the merging of all music and walks of life that enjoy it as much as we do.