Los Dells!

Time to head for the hills! Well, the Wisconsin hills, that is—-this weekend, the second edition of Los Dells takes off with the wildly diverse format that is becoming this midwestern Latino-palooza’s trademark.

After taking note of last year’s feedback, the food offerings will be expanded and include all local restaurants, so the eats sound wonderful, too. (Plus, cheese curds).

The Latinx identity is as varied as it is complex, and Los Dells Festival recognizes that in the choices for the lineup. Here’s some of the sonic landscapes to which you will be transported amidst the beautiful Wisconsin landscape–just a taste, as more than thirty acts that will will be performing one weekend.

The schedule is at the end so you can plan your journey!

Shake your everything: Gadiel (urban)

Gaze at your boots with some border shoegaze: Mint Field

Up your croonin’ game: Cuco (neo-soul)

Fly your electronic freak flag: Boombox Cartel (Experimental-Electronica)

Kick up some Wisconsin dust with the pop side of lotsa horns: Banda MS (Banda)

Rock on with the queridos veteranos of Latin American protest music: Aterciopelados (Classic Indie Rock)

Savor the fusion of soul and AfroColombia: Gabriel Garzón-Montano (arthouse neo-soul fusion)

Enjoy the sonic landscape urban, en inglés: Flor-Ida (Latinx-curious Urban)

Hear the soundtrack of everywhere, here: Paty Cantú (mainstream pop)

Dance to the Amazonian-inspired, Dominican-tinged beats with a message: Jarina de Marco (Global Experimental Latinx)

Groove to classic Cuban beats, old and new as Eliades Ochoa and Descemer Bueno play on different stages. (Classic Cuban)

See you in Los Dells!

Los Dells will be held Sept. 1 and 2. 



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