Liber Teran: North American Release of the Best of Our Favorite Western Gitano

Liber Teran has been on our radar for some time. From the days that the multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter led Los de Abajo, to a solo career which brought Balkan-Mex to the world´s attention (a Mexico City, DF musical movement centered on the connection between horns in Sinaloa and Balkan beats) to recent performances as part of Mexrissey, Teran’s charm, versatility and quirky musicianship have made him a widely renowned veterano of the Mexican indie-pop scene.

Today, Regalia Records (led by taste-making Latin music industry executive Josh Norek of the Latin Alternative radio show) is releasing the North American issue of ‘The Best Of’.

‘The Best Of’ is a wonderful border-blasting, genre-skewing sampler of Teran’s many talents, and features guests such as Julieta Venegas and Emanuel del Real, Joselo Rangel and Quique Rangel of Café Tacvba, who collaborate on the album’s First Single, Apuntando El Cielo.

“The Best Of” Liber Teran is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

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