Interview: Jenny Lam at I CAN DO THAT

Gozamos caught up with curator Jenny Lam at the closing reception of the show I CAN DO THAT and followed her around with microphones. She didn’t think it was creepy, not even when the penis jokes started, and instead shared all about how she got the idea for this fun and interactive show. Lam wanted to give armchair art critics the opportunity to put themselves in artists’ shoes after growing tired of hearing exhibition goers sigh in front of art work and tell each other “I can do that.” (Don’t pretend you didn’t. We heard you.) Brave artists like Brooks Golden, Left Handed Wave, Clarisse Perrette, et al. collaborated with Lam and allowed their work to be put on view at Variable Space and altered, copied, or otherwise “improved,” all in the name of letting viewers have a creative experience. The results were by turns impressive, unexpected and hilarious. To see how the artwork on display evolved from the opening to the closing reception check out Jenny Lam’s documentation.