Hip-Hop For Your Mind And Soul (En Español)

Summer weather has arrived! And, then it’s gone. And, then back again! Then maybe not. But whatever the case these music recommendations should hold you over until we get some permanent warm weather! That is for two months at least (Anyone reading on the southern half of the US, forgive me, I’m in the Midwest). This is just some of the great music out there. If you have more recommendations we should check out, please feel free to drop me a line for our next list.


The Mexican hip-hop OG is back! If you were ever a fan of Control Machete then you know who Fermin IV is. After a split from the group, Fermin dedicated himself to a higher calling, namely God and family. He had a couple of music releases shortly after his departure from Control but with the exception of an EP in 2017, he really wasn’t hitting the hip-hop scene as hard as many of us would have liked. That is until now! Fermin IV just released Te Espero Afuera and Laberinto (ft. Melissa Hermosillo), hinting toward a new album, and it’s definitely worth checking out.


If you haven’t heard of Charles Ans then you probably just don’t listen to Mexican Hip-Hop at all. Dude has been on fire (or “fyah!”) with almost non-stop tour dates across all of Mexico over the past few years (or as far as Facebook will let me see in his schedule). Charles Ans showed no sign of stopping until the end of last month. Then he recently announced a new album and music video to be released soon. I expect good things to come but, in the meantime, if you haven’t checked him out, Charles Ans should be on your playlist.


Niña Dioz has been causing waves with her single “Tambalea” and the best part is… it also includes two of my other favorite artists, Lido Pimienta and Ceci Bastidia. Recently featured on Billboard as a “Latin Artist on the Rise”, Niña Dioz is one of the many Latin women breaking ground in the urban music scene. Also featured on her new Reyna LP is another worthy, more upbeat track that goes by the name Magdalena.


Pato Machete, the other third of Control Machete (Toy Selectah is the last remaining 33.3% of the group), has continued to be active in the Mexican Hip-Hop scene and recently gave us his new video Humo Nuevo. The crazy thing is the song is actually off his 2016 album ¡Rifa! and posts on his Facebook hint to more videos to come. This may all be to build hype in preparation for something new (fingers crossed). Whatever the case, if you haven’t heard of, or listened to, Pato Machete, check out the video below and look him up on your favorite streaming app.


Native of Hermosillo, Simpson Ahuevo followed up the success of his album Morroeste with his new album Jorge in March of 2018. Some of the tracks on the album were previously released late last year and include hits like Blunt De Guayaba, Jaque Mate, and Fiebre (of which a Toy Selectah remix is also available). Another reason worth listening is that other tracks feature collabs with Baja California’s Aleman and the Mexican pop group MKN Makenna.


The duo made up of Muelas de Gallo and Dr. Zupreeme, La Banda Baston celebrate 20 years as a rap group this year, and with a video for the title track off their last album Luces Fantasma. Also released in 2017, this album has been hailed for its lyrical and musical creativity. And, again worth listening to because of some of notable collaborations with well-known urban artists in Mexico’s scene, like Yoga Fire, Mariel Mariel, Aleman, MKN Makenna, Denise Gutierrez and more!