George Calendar Presents Lente Oscuro aka Calypso feat Claude

Press release translated by DeepLTranslate

Taking as inspiration the myth of Calypso, within Greek mythology, George Arthur Calendar shows us the second single of what will be his new album. Located within a postmodern reality, this song raises the idea of love and its different versions.

The atmosphere of the song is constant at all times but it has different flashes in its synthesizers and bass lines… to describe them more precisely GAC defines it as an acidic and futuristic song for a piano bar.

“Now I see clearly, the fog has cleared. The story of this song expresses the duality of love and all its stages. I feel that the song brings hope and the awareness that everything is passing, and no matter how thick the fog is, the wind will carry it away.

The message is that if we are going to hold on to something, let it be the idea that everything is passing, everything is temporary, if you are sad, you will be happy, if you are hurt, you will heal, and so on.”

For this song, Claude, a friend of George who she met at some shows in Chicago, joins in. “I met Claude when I was still playing with Wawy ID, and we’d see each other at shows and through common friends until one day Claude’s Latin roots came up in a conversation about her mother. That’s when the idea of collaborating together was born.”

“Because of the pandemic we worked remotely and after some recorded takes of the song we arrived at the final result of the song, where Claude also collaborated with the lyrics.”

“Lente Oscuro aka Calypso” has a lo-fi video that tells us the journey of a young man who watching infomercials alters his reality and is transported in a section of bizarre moments. “The twist of the video clip is that we see that all the imagination of television is the same as that of our character.”