Festival Fashion at Pitchfork 2013: Latino edition

Pitchfork saved the best for last when it came to performers — think Toro Y Moi and M.I.A. — but the same can also be said for the festival goers’ style. On Sunday, we scoped the Pitchfork fields for fellow Latino attendees with the best outfits. Comfy shoes and sunglasses seemed to be the bare essentials, but bold prints and 90s influence is what set this bunch apart.


Monique’s adorable outfit reminds us of the simpler times of grammar school.


Tony had a psychedelic button up on with the best fest accessory, water!


Amy’s outfit is the upgraded version of the unofficial music festival uniform. Instead of the classic high-waisted denim shorts, she wore rolled up overalls. Also, her colorful headscarf is the perfect alternative to the usual music festival flower crown.


Emilio’s HM x Versace t-shirt from a previous highly anticipated collaboration, makes this look fit for any 90s Gianni Versace magazine spread.


This festival goers UNIF hologram backpack, is definitely reminiscent of something Gwen Stefani would have rocked back in the day.

We called it: you can be practical and fashionable at a music festival, and these guys did just that. Which one was your favorite outfit?

About the author: Adriana runs Style Latino, a street style blog showcasing fashion forward Latinos exclusively.

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