What to wear: Pitchfork Music Festival

For every music festival, there is always the thrill of catching tickets, then the anticipation of the schedule release and finally the excitement of figuring out what to wear. Of course, there is also the eagerness to see your favorite band—but that’s a given. Pitchfork Music Festival, like most music, is a three-day long event so dressing definitely requires some strategic thinking. But just because you have to be practical doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy!

Day 1 of Pitchfork is half as long as the other days. Naturally, this means you can wear the shoes with the higher platform because you won’t be standing as long. For the rest of the outfit, a simple summer dress will do, since chances are you’re rushing to Pitchfork after work (doors open at 3pm). Pair the dress with a light button up for when the sun goes down. Add color to your outfit with a bold lipstick.

Day 2 Be ready for an entire day of music and an entire day of sun! A chic straw hat is ideal to block out the rays and not end up with a headache sure to kill the party. Take a note from Saturday headliner, Solange’s style book,and wear a coordinate set. Co-ords are like a makeshift romper, without the hassle that rompers may bring at a music fest portapotty. Chunky flatforms are a good shoe choice because they’re not tiring while still giving you the extra height you need to get a clear view of the stage.

Day 3 You will probably be exhausted by Sunday, so plan on wearing your most comfortable kicks yet. You want to make sure you still have energy by the time R.Kelly goes on stage. You can never go wrong with Chuck’s, as long as you don’t mind getting them dirty. A music festival staple are denim high-waisted shorts, but you don’t want to be dressed like everyone else. So mix it up by going with colored or patterned high waisted shorts of a breezier fabric.

Will you be wearing any of these outfit ideas? Got any suggestions of your own? Whatever you choose to wear, just remember to stay hydrated!


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