Enjambre Celebrates Próximos Prójimos with Virtual Concert

Tune in to our conversation with Enjambre this afternoon on Future Rootz via Lumpen Radio (105.5FM WLPN) from 4-6PM CST. Today the band releases their new recording, Próximos Prójimos, an album that is meant to be played and listening to in one sitting. We had the pleasure of listening to the album that way and it definitely enhances the orbit of emotions one experiences. Enjambre explained that they will be playing the album in the same fashion, beginning to end, this weekend in a virtual concert they’ve themed “Irrepetible.” This will be the only time they perform an album this way.

Saturday, September 26th
9:30pm ET // 6:30pm PT// 8:30pm MX
through Ticketmaster Live

Próximos Prójimos makes you feel as though you’re on a cosmic adventure, exploring an array of musical galaxies and with it an array of sentiments. It is awe-inspiring that Enjambre, a band that has always created poignant storytelling, was able to cohesively arrange this stellar selection of songs as one. Próximos Prójimos is a magnificent legacy of Enjambre music.

Of their most recent previews of the new album, “El Derrumbe,” is a song presented as “a reflection on moments of crisis, as well as the gaps left by people and how we can turn pain into a starting point for rebirth from the ashes.”

The song “evokes melancholy and reflection, emotions that give perfect context to the lyrics, which their first words raises the issue of hitting rock bottom, trying to move forward, but not being able to move given the melancholy that settles in the heart. The chorus, sung with an emotion that can be felt just under the surface, speaks directly to a phantom interlocutor: a person or feeling that is gone and that is missed with all the heart, because when it existed, it made us feel complete.”


The band also just released the lyric video for the track, “Adormecido.”