El Dusty, Clips X Ahoy & I-Octane Drop New Single “Vampire” with Americano Label

Press Release

El Dusty, DJ, Producer, and Soundsystem extraordinaire hits us up with his latest production masterpiece featuring Jamaica’s own reggae dancehall superstar I-Octane and Miami-based co-producer Clips x Ahoy. The new song “Vampire” is due on October 2nd with Americano Label!

Teaming up with El Dusty for the new single, I-Octane brings his socially conscious lyricism and positivity, inspired by Rastafarian teachings and personal experiences. First coming onto the scene in early 2000’s, I-Octane saw critical acclaim by garnering NPR’s Top 5 Dancehall Tracks in 2011 with his cannabis anthem “Puff it” and the chart topping “No Love Inna Dem.”

The new single features co-producer, and long time collaborator, Clips x Ahoy whose revolutionary sounds in TRAP and Jungle Terror has mesmerize fans and fellow musicians around the globe. His fan favorites include chart toppers “Blitz” (DIM Mak Records) hit Beatport Hip-Hop Top 10 chart and “Big Up” (RIMBU Records) landed on Beatport Hip-Hop Top 15 chart! Cementing this place in world of dance music production, Clips has gained support from the likes of Diplo, RL Grime, DVBBS, Caked Up, Wiwek, and Victor Niglio.

On the new release, “Vampire,” master of the mashup, El Dusty’s collaborative stylings highlights the musical synergies between reggae and cumbia. Although originating from Colombia, cumbia music has been the pulse of the working class throughout Latin America. Blending with reggae music, music that historically has uplifted persecuted and racially oppressed peoples, only punctuates the synergies between the two. El Dusty comments, “I-Octane is the first of many reggae collaborations coming out of Jamaica. We’ve got tunes coming with Anthony B, Blaze Mob, New Kingston, Runkus & more!”

Today El Dusty kicks off a set of forthcoming release, starting with I-Octane on “Vampire,” due out Oct. 2. The new single will be released with the tastemaker imprint El Dusty started last year, Americano Label.

About El Dusty

The Latin Grammy nominated composer, arranger, and ringmaster, Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica. He has been feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium as he translates the Southern Texas border experience into new anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin and reggae music history collide.

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