De La Soul, Z-Trip and Nosaj Thing at the Mid

The Mid is a regular Friday night hotspot. Don’t miss this month’s banger, featuring the talents of experimental expert, Nosaj Thing (whom Gozamos got to check out at Sonar Chicago last year) and the legendary sounds of Z-Trip and the renown “hippies of hip-hop,” De La Soul. The ROCK BOXX tour hits Chicago with this incredible line-up also including Daddy Kev.

Haling from the ranks of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop’s finest hour, De La Soul brings the best of quarky Afro-centric, socially conscious jazz-rap, combined effortlessly with open-minded, surrealist lyrics that uplift as much as they ignite. Where A Tribe Called Quest left off, De La Soul continues. Ushering in the finest flows. Since the founding of the Zulu Nation with Queen Latifah, Afrika Bombaataa and Tribe, music has never been the same.

Y’all are in for a treat with our Cali-cool, favorite Nosaj Thing, as well. His LA abstract, sophisticated hip-hop beats and avant aesthetic are sure to keep you guessing. Nosaj has rocked the globe with his innovation and stellar lights show. His performance is something to behold.

Don’t forget, the mash-up master and video game creator, Z-Trip hits the stage, having inspired all the imitators from Girltalk to Chicago’s own, Hood Internet. Z-Trip is claimed by Spin to be the “best show ever.” Although, I’m doubtful, considering my disdain for the simplicity of the mash-up genre, not even I could resist the gravitational force of Z-Trip’s powerful magnetic pull. Teamed up with the likes of hip-hop kings, De La Soul, The Rock Boxx tour promises to be spellbounding.

With DJ Intel opening and DJ’s RAJ Mahal, Meaty Ogre and RTC open the night, this is sure to be rock-steady occasion. Tickets still available at