Belly Up to the Brunch

We’ve all been there: waking up groggy on a Sunday morning, scratching our heads and looking around, kind of remembering what and where you were drinking last night. If you’re like me, this is right around the same time when your stomach tells your face to stuff itself with more than dry cereal and another beer (well, most of the time it’s the latter). But what I yearn for even more than a great brunch is a great yet affordable brunch because — let’s face it — all your beers and those shots for the sorority girls kind of put a dent in your wallet. And that’s where bar brunches come in. Believe it or not, I think bars are the best option for a cheap brunch. So, being the veteran “bruncher” that I am, here are a few picks that I think will have a little something for everyone.

1113 W. Randolph St. 312-929-4787

While Market is the scene to be seen especially in the warm months, I was intrigued with what they can deliver during the weekend mornings. I have to say, the Steak and Eggs Ranchero rock my socks. The steak was cooked to perfection and with the side of beautifully crisp potatoes that complimented each other very well. The best deal is the special: $20 for all-you-can-drink mimosas or Bloody Marys with one entrée. That’s a pretty good way to shake off that hangover.

The 50/Fifty
2047 W. Division 773-489-5050

Honesty, I first walked into this place because I heard most of the Blackhawk players go there. And seeing how I am a hockey hoe, I admit I went more than a few times. But then I heard about the brunch and thought, since I live in the area, why not? So I asked to see a menu… they had me at, “all-you-can-eat bacon”…though at $9.95 a person, how much do I truly hate my heart? I started out with a “Hoe-mosa” because, well, I had to. Very tasty. Hoegaarden beer with a splash of orange juice. Then I moved on to the chilaquiles. Standard. I then built my “sweet-ass omelet+hashbrowns+toast” with bacon, jalapeños and cheddar cheese. Each additional ingredient is $1.25 more, and there is a lot to choose from. Overall, a good spot. I will be back.

Hub 51
51 W. Hubbard 312-828-0051

Say whaaaaaaaa??? I know, I know. This was the spot no one really thinks about when wondering about brunch, but it’s Mmmm-mmm good, I’ll tell you that. Besides the usual eggs, which I always get, I was immediately intrigued by the pancakes and waffles. They offered Lemon Skinny pancakes, which have a zingy lemon butter and fresh berries, and Cinnamon Skinny pancakes, which are a stack of crepes with caramelized cinnamon. But what I ordered was “Our Mom’s Morning Pancakes.” Stacked as three thick cakes with Vermont Maple Syrup, the dish had me in heaven. They also offer other yummy goodies such as Baked Apple French Toast and Breakfast Tacos, which are scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar and chipotle mayo wrapped in a corn tortilla. Look into the Smoked Salmon Platter with bagels, cream cheese and garnishes.

Those are my hot spots. Please let me know if you agree, disagree or have favorite places of your own.

Feature Photo by orangachang

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  1. Brunch is the most underestimated of all meals. A close second would be brinner.

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