Beauty Con Cultura: Vive Cosmetics Pop Up at Pilsen Outpost

By Valeria Osornio

To all the fabulous beauty lovers out there, it is time to get your swatch on with Vive Cosmetics the fresh Latinx beauty company breaking borders in the cosmetics industry. On Friday, September 28, from 6-9PM, Vive will be hosting their first ever pop up in Chicago at Pilsen Outpost. In this exclusive Q&A with Joanna Rosario, one of the founders, we find out what Vive is all about. 

What inspired Vive Cosmetics to get started and what do they hope to accomplish?
What inspired us to start Vive was the lack of true representation of the Latinx community in the beauty industry. Latina women are top consumers of beauty products, yet we felt like there wasn’t any brand out there that really spoke to and showed the beautifully unique and diverse complexities that exist within the Latinx community. 

We founded Vive cosmetics to fill this void within the beauty industry. We are truly on a mission to bring representation that inspires people to feel proud of their identity and where they come from. Celebrating diversity is in our company’s DNA. We hope to keep growing as a credible brand to continue to support and inspire the Latinx community while also offering quality products.

Our main goal as two Latina innovators with no beauty industry background is to provide quality cosmetics to our comunidad and to inspire women to embrace their culture, be proud of their roots and to go after their dreams.

How is Vive managing to expand?
When Vive Cosmetics started it was done with so much passion and commitment. We never thought we would grow as fast as we have, but we are so grateful for the out pour of love and support we have received. We feel the main reason we are expanding so fast is because a company like ours was very much needed in our Latinx Community, a brand that embraces beauty and cultura. A brand that the community feels represents them all the way from us as founders, to our models for our campaigns.

What does the future look like for Vive?
We hope to keep growing into a credible brand, and offering our customers amazing quality cosmetics that they feel represents them. We are aiming to expand our beauty line to a full cosmetics brand one day! Our biggest goal is to have a full line of foundation with 40+ shades that will cover every shade of women out there. We hope to continue to inspire women to embrace who they are! We are extremely thankful of all of our brand supporters that allow us to continue with our mission of growing and representing a real inclusive brand.

Why is Vive coming to Chicago for a pop up?
Vive Cosmetics is originally from Northern California. We chose Chicago as our first out of state pop-up because our followers asked for it! Chicago is one of our top cities as far as followers and where they live therefore it was the perfect place for us to go to first so we are very excited to be hosting this pop up at the Pilsen Outpost Gallery.

No one will want to miss out on this fabulous event which will not only include Vive Cosmetics but other great treats, such as TwistedforSugar, an LA-based and Latina-owned business, which will be serving their fresh gourmet cotton candy with a twist! Drinks and music will also be included at the event.

Make sure to let them know you are coming by RSVPing at the link below…