NEW from La Vida Boheme

La Vida Boheme has a new video out for "Flamingo (Tiempo Compartido)"

Chicago Children’s Choir Invites Young Singers to Interactive VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSES for Neighborhood Choirs December 7 and 8

Chicago Children’s Choir (CCC)hosts a series of free interactive Virtual Open Houses on December 7 and…

Sonic Forest is Bomba Estéreo’s New Single and Film

"Sonic Forest" Is An Environmental Justice Film From Bomba Estéreo & Joaquin Phoenix.

Niña Dioz & Hispana Drop New Video For Mezcal

Niña Dioz and Hispana share new video for "Mezcal"

Marisol La Brava and A Flor De Piel Release La Llorona

Marisol La Brava’s interpretation of this iconic song is as haunting as its namesake legend.

Thornato’s Sonic Escape

Thornato just released Escape Plan, a compilation of sounds so luscious you're able escape sonically.

Ratas De Dos Patas Releases Short Film to Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos

Ratas de Dos Patas is a group of four boss Latinas that entertain and educate you…

AJ Rosales Debuts If Not Today

Artist AJ Rosales just released his new single, "If Not Today."

La Dame Blanche Debuts La Americana

La Dame Blanche asserts her “American-ness” with the message that being American does not imply that…