Artists To Watch At Ruido Fest: Silverio, Gepe, El Guincho, Ácido Pantera, and Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

Press Release

Ruido Fest– the only place you’ll find savage, sweaty electronica from Mexico, technicolor electronic indie from Spain, folk-infused experimental beats from Colombia, and bilingual soul-pop from Michigan within the same small radius. These are some artists you should keep an eye on.

Silverio is a legend, to put it plainly. The electronic musician from Mexico was once called Mexico’s Har Mar in Noisey. His first single “Yepa Yepa Yepa” was censored by regional television in Mexico City when it came out in 2002– and he hasn’t stopped disturbing the peace since. His live shows are notorious- often including insults, obscenities, and a lack of clothing, he grants his audience a kind of liberation they didn’t know they needed. Back at Ruido Fest for round three, Silverio joins us after a year of absolute insanity, and that’s exactly how we’d describe what you’re about to see in Chicago next month.

Gepe brings us us endearing songs that demonstrate an indisputable songwriting talent and versatility of the sanmiguelino artist. Following the premiere of the lead single, “Hablar de Ti”, directed by Dominga Sotomayor and premiered globally through  Billboard Magazine, he is heading to the USA and is one of this year’s artist to watch!

El Guincho is a renowned electronic artist from Spain who’s had a noteworthy year. He released his first album since 2010, Hiperasia, this year which nearly literally set the music world on fire. Upon release Pitchfork called the album “alluring.” Since releasing it, he’s toured all over the world, awing audiences with a stunning live show. El Guincho, as part of his practice, makes magic from the minutia. He turns the mundane into virtual textured soundscapes, and is sure to be transcendent in Chicago.

Ácido Pantera, until not long ago, were named La Tostadora, a Colombian phenomenon known for their “rayacoco bailador”. The two producers created Ácido Pantera out of necessity- they were on the brink of a new sound and needed to solidify it. Their new sound takes folk roots of the Colombian coast and electrifies it. They don’t believe in the limits of genre, and aim to make their audience dance– needless to say, this is a show you should be excited for.

Jessica Hernández and the Deltas is a soul-infused pop band from Detroit who recently released a double album- one side in English, one side in Spanish. Lead singer Jessica Hernandez is deeply affected by her experience as a first-generation American, and makes music that emblematizes that experience for her audience. The band hits where it hurts, and makes you dance while feeling all of it.