A Pachanga For Día de los Muertos

We love being in a city like Chicago where so many people appreciate and celebrate the Mexican holiday known as Día de los Muertos. After checking out the Gozamos calendar for events surrounding this beautiful tradition, we decided to check in with Daniel Martinez (The Life Project Chicago) and Guillermo Duarte (Rude Gents) who are hosting a special Día de los Muertos event at East Room this evening! And, get this, they also revealed some juicy info on what’s coming up next.

Details/RSVP: www.do312.com/pachanga

Featuring Lester Rey, Jefferson D Lion, Los Marafackas and Calixta, along with the hosts, the monthly party also includes a late night tianguis and artist market, live painting by some of the city’s best pintor@s and a free treat for the first 50 in attendance. 

How has Pachanga changed since its debut at East Room?

There have been a few things that have changed since we started Pachanga. What started as a two-man operation has become a full team. We have our videographer Frank Sono who is always coming up with cool ways to promote Pachanga through his crazy creative lens, and we also invite great photographers to be a part of our team like Katy Li Zea, Jose Calvo and Carolina Sanchez. We are also lucky to have our graphic designer Alexandra Castro who creates all of our designs. There’s a lot of talent in Chicago and every month you get to sample some of Chicago’s best.

What can people learn about Latin culture at Pachanga events?

Latin Culture is diverse. There is not one style, name or label that can group the many flavors and sounds of our rich culture. With Pachanga, people with different cultural backgrounds, and sometimes even different ideologies come out to dance and have fun. Diversity is important to us and we can definitely say that the variety of music and art that we have at Pachanga unites people.

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

We are all about promoting good music in the Chi and we’ve got a record of hosting some of Chicago’s favorite deejays and up and coming musicians. For this upcoming Pachangawe are excited to have Jefferson D’ Lion and Lester Rey who will be performing his new reimagined set. CaliXta and Los Marafackas will be joining us and throwing down on some reggaeton, tribal, moombahton, cumbia and more. This upcoming Pachanga is also themed around Dia de los Muertos so we’ll have a special Tianguis artist market curated by Attitude 7, Alebrije live painting, Catrina face painting, and some cool visual projections by Alex Palma to showcase what Dia de los Muertos is all about.

As an exclusive preview to our friends at Gozamos, we’ll let you in on what’s cooking for next month… the November Pachanga will feature Brazilian Jazz group Rio Bamba.

And finally, what do you foresee for 2018?

Our friends at East Room have been very helpful at making Pachanga happen every month. We recently partnered with Do312 and el Jimador Tequila to expand on the quality of Pachanga. At the rate we’re going, we might just throw a party on the moon featuring a Selena hologram…

In all seriousness though, we are in the talks about hosting a little day time festival in collaboration with East Room sometime in the summer of 2018. We are trying our hardest to pace ourselves, but we are pretty damn driven…. so Pachanga in Mars 2019 for sure.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Pachanga and be sure to RSVP at www.do312.com/pachanga

Rude Gents and The Life Project Chicago:
¡Pachanga!: Dia de los Muertos

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Los Deejays:
Calixta (CumbiaSazo)
Memo Duarte x Daniel Martinez (Pachanga)
Los Marafackas

Performances by:
Jefferson D Lion (Houston)
Lester Rey Reimagined Set

El Tianguis/Artist Market:
La Vida No Espera Merchandise
Braid Bar (By Patty & Violeta)
Gabriela Ibarra

Alebrije Live Painting:
Keithstone Smith
Rebeca Soto
Virafuentes Nat

$5.00 Cover w/ RSVP
$7.00 Cover w/ out RSVP
Free Paletas to first 50 people