A Haunting We Will Go

I remember turning eleven and moving into the first house that I had ever lived in. Moving from a small apartment to a new place where I would have my own bedroom (and not have to share with any of my siblings) left me ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to unpack and decorate the space that was now all mine! It was a dream come true for me. But my dream come true soon turned into a nightmare.

The odd and unsettling things that occurred in that house still wake me with nightmares. It wasn’t just me who experienced the worst of it. My sister moved out only a month later after due to all the weird, unexplainable activity in her upstairs room. She claimed that there was someone stomping around her room at night. لعبه bingo Even after she moved out, we still heard some one with heavy boots walking upstairs. It was almost like we were being tormented- but by what? To this day, I am not entirely sure.

My first experiences were small, yet strange. I remember unpacking the second day I lived there and my closet door swung open all by itself. Of course I brushed that off as an old door. The third day I was finishing my unpacking, I was on the floor by my window pulling stuff out of boxes when I had an eerie feeling someone was watching me. A shadow appeared on the floor beside me where I sat, thrown through my window. I slowly looked up only to find no one standing outside my window.

A few days later I awoke to a shadow of a man’s head on my dresser. I thought I was just seeing things so I sat up quickly and tried to make out what object was reflecting off the wall but I couldn’t find anything! It was just a bald looking head with a masculine jaw and nose. I turned and screamed for my mom and as soon as she came in my room the shadowy head was gone. المراهنة

A few weeks into living in the house, my family and I started to noticed a bad odor. It was coming from a closet that we didn’t use for anything because it was too small. We investigated the smell and saw that the floor raised and it lead to a crawl space. No one volunteered to investigate further and, since we were just renting with the option to buy, the owner handled all the things that needed fixing and dealt with going down into the small crawl space to investigate that awful smell. He found nothing and the smell never went away.

It wasn’t just the house. Whenever I would go outside to play with my dog or just take a walk in our huge back yard, my feet would sink deep into the earth. It wasn’t just any kind of dirt- I was stepping on it was cemetery dirt. It was soft and had a strange, rotten odor to it. Like death. The owner of the house was friends with some one who got the cemetery dirt for a cheap price.

Things started getting worse in the house. My seventeen year old brother no longer wished to sleep in his room at night because he kept seeing someone outside his window (but there were no trees outside his window to cast eerie shadows). I started to wake up sick every day. I would feel dizzy and nauseous until I left the house then I would be fine. One night, I woke up startled because I heard some one scream my name in my ear. I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents’ room. They said it was just a bad dream but soon, like my brother, I started sleeping in the floor of the family room (a modern addition that was built well after the house was built).

One day I was upstairs cleaning my sister’s old room when I looked up in her mirror only to see a man far behind me with a heavy white beard and a black suite on staring at me. You would have thought I was Super Girl the way I flew down those stairs. العاب لكسب المال I never went up there again. Something strange happened to everyone in my family in that house. It got to the point where something was occurring too often for any ones’ sanity. Eight months later we left the house. It was the best feeling in the world because I didn’t want to spend another second trapped in a place so haunted.