Selena was a Latina rebel, annihilating cultural, gender, and language barriers with grace and an impeccable smile. Twenty years ago, she gave young U.S. Latinas like me the hope that we could be who we are–young women who dreamt in English, loved in Spanish, embraced both sides of the border, and defied traditions that hampered our dreams–all while displaying our natural curves with pride. She was the proof that we could be who we are and our families and the world would still love us for it.

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Avo 1

When I put this salad together I wanted the freshness of the grapefruit to play off the nuttiness of the wild rice. Adding a heavy salad dressing would just drown the flavors out. Using the juice that drips out of the grapefruit while you are peeling and cutting it moistens the warm rice (along with a touch of coconut oil) with a clean dressing that highlights the flavors.

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A 50+ year-old former/current mercenary/military operative/super spy is contemplating retirement or has retired when his past (it’s always a “he”) suddenly catches up to him and he is forced to holster up once again and kick some ass. That, in a nutshell, describes the plot of “Taken” and its sequels, “Red” and its sequel, “The […]

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Reviving Economic Growth: Felipe Calderón

Today in Illinois, former Mexican president Felipe Calderon will be the keynote speaker at the World Leaders Forum at Judson University in Elgin. The choice is not surprising considering the keynote speakers in previous years: Condoleezza Rice and Tony Blair. Here are 3 facts about his presidency that Calderon will either spin or omit: 1. Calderon may not have really won […]

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“Daniel is Mexican American, and in the plot line there are some parts where he and his father travel to Mexico and to the past and see how people struggled to give the future generation what they have today,” says Sebastien De La Cruz. The young mariachi singer, also known as “El Charro de Oro,” […]

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Sweet 1

I have fond memories of an underground dinner in Buenos Aires where the first course was an African Peanut Soup. It was creamy with a defiant touch of peanut butter. This recipe is my improvisation of what I remember that soup to be, subbing in almond butter for a healthier boost of good fat and protein and adding in sweet potatoes and kale to really add to the veggie count.

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Kinky MTV Unplugged

With a career spanning over 15 years, regio-alternative rockers Kinky, dropped a brand new album today, a live recording of old favorites, a few covers and new tracks on “MTV Unplugged,” available here. The album features collaborations with artists like Mala Rodriguez, Carla Morrison and Voz De Mando as well as new takes on old […]

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Vintage Pilsen, by Señor Codo
Tu Cultura

Do Pilsen Up Right

We get it. Pilsen is quickly mutating into an “It Barrio,” a hipster mecca, a new Midwestern Brooklyn; a graveyard for local culture, a breeding ground for the sanitized, the standardized and the gentrified. Change is afoot. So, like we said: we get it. We understand why yesterday, The New York Times published an itinerary […]

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Upcoming Events

10984252_852784311448157_8347387923528899504_n Friday, March 13 Gatas Mutantes Pilsen Outpost, Chicago
c Wednesday, April 1 Zona Abierta: Putas y guerrilleras (Whores and Guerrilla Members) UIC Latino Cultural Center, Chicago
1555317_1034698836559752_2851097103945123146_n Thursday, April 2 Pilsen Community Townhall featuring Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Rudy Lozano Chicago Public Library, Chicago
11046927_806309302777665_7305245572391373767_n Friday, April 3 Spring Reventón featuring Los Rakas Citlalin Gallery, Chicago
banner Saturday, April 4 Caravana 43: Families of Ayotzinapa Students in Chicago ,
10873581_846056855430457_4753666209062155676_o Thursday, April 9 22nd Annual MEChA National Conference Benito Juarez Community Academy, Chicago
11021130_10153028180203956_2174085126374792735_n Saturday, April 11 13th Annual CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights Unnamed Venue, Chicago
DDN slideshow image Saturday, April 11 Día del Niño Health Walk & Family Festival 2015 National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago
11038109_10205484497767572_9186649506564061848_o Saturday, April 11 Voces de Mujeres Closing with Artist Talks Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery, Chicago
10407503_750515295028793_6406042591571621171_n Sunday, April 12 2015 Recorrido del Sol 5K Run/Walk Arvey Field in Grant Park , Chicago
10929990_10152362514077395_2149332832215999071_n Thursday, April 16 La Villita Comedy Show Apollo 2000, Chicago
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 6.00.28 AM Thursday, April 16 Musical Vignettes Inspired by The House on Mango Street National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago
sierra-leones-refugees-allstars Friday, April 17 Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars Martyrs', Chicago
10978527_914964698513833_1591559627514451170_n Saturday, April 18 Plena Pa’lante Mundo Chicago! Africaribe Cultural Center, Chicago
10470998_10153109007374451_3059839973535150405_n Saturday, April 18 3rd Annual Youth “Roots Of Change” Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Chicago
illapu Saturday, April 18 Illapu and Colombina Parra Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago
11024721_10152790425762914_4359999006181267692_n Saturday, April 18 Que Viva México! Film screening with live music by Sones de México National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago
10408485_645319952246870_8487516175900810246_n Sunday, April 19 Vintage Garage Chicago 2015 Season Opener Vintage Garage Chicago, Chicago
10869485_761073837300975_53743396033023807_o Sunday, April 19 Ana Tijoux / Alla / Dos Santos Thalia Hall, Chicago
11025264_804987412913804_6540409418081543603_o Friday, April 24 6th Annual Dream Gala Redmoon Theater, Chicago
0502_PoesiaenAbri_edit Saturday, May 2 Poesía en Abril Reading Featuring Olvido García Valdés and Héctor Carreto Poetry Foundation, Chicago