PREMIERE: Following the Debut of ‘Nueva Ruta’ MC W. CORONA Shares His Passion for Art in New Video

MC and producer W. Corona recently debuted Nueva Ruta, a six-track set of fresh sounds that bring regional Mexican and urban music together in the most amazing way. This new EP clearly positions W. Corona’s unique mark in regional urbano. لعبه الروليت Today, Gozamos is happy to premiere a new video from the artist in which he shares his love of art and tattoos.

“I made the video so that people would know a little more about me and my taste in art. مواقع روليت Drawing and ink is a way to communicate what words sometimes can’t, both with myself and with others and using my skin as a canvas for that, is part of my freedom of expression.”


Due to his versatility and creative approach to recording & performing, W. Corona has become one of the most popular urban Latin artists in Mexico and the United States, racking up more than 13 million total views on YouTube with songs like “Ley sin charola”, “Dile que me tienes a mí”, “6 de la mañana”, “Enemigos”, “Mami sólo llama”, “El Cliko”, and “Ya lo vi”. 

In 2012, he made his recording debut with a collaborative album with the rapper Millonario titled “Así Soy Yo”. The album revolutionized the Latin hip hop scene, mixing hip hop with electronic sounds and rock. مواقع مراهنات كرة قدم It also includes a noteworthy collaboration with the famed Mexican rap group Cartel De Santa on the single “Extasis”. W Corona released his first solo album 8 Diamantes in 2014, immediately gaining the attention of new fans that helped make him a favorite on streaming platform playlists. In 2016, he released his second album as a soloist, Flow Dealer, which allowed him to perform at important urban music festivals throughout Mexico.

W Corona returns in 2020 with the new EP Nueva Ruta, whose first singles “Cuadro chico” and “California High” featuring El Chino del Rancho have become quick favorites within the regional urbano genre, thanks to the clever mix of accordion, tuba and tololoche (upright bass) with pre-programmed sounds. 

Press release

Spearheading a new generation of Latin artists inspired both by the traditional music of their culture as well as new sounds coming from the streets, Mexican MC and producer W Corona just released the EP Nueva Ruta. After his latest album Flow Dealer and a slew of noteworthy singles and collaborations with distinguished urban and Regional Mexican artists, the young artist from Monterrey, Mexico  is back with an EP that features six songs that creatively fuse these two influences, creating an increasingly popular sound called regional urbano.

All of the songs on Nueva Ruta were written and produced by W Corona himself. On April 17, he released “Abusando #1”, the EP’s third single. The lyrics of the song refer to a rivalry with another rapper that speaks behind his back. During the song, W Corona challenges his rival with his lyrics and rhymes, reclaiming his title as the voice of the barrio.

Although W Corona has long been associated with urban music, the young artist has been climbing the Regional Mexican charts lately just as much as the urban charts with the singles “Cuadro Chico”, “California High” (a duet with El Chino Del Rancho), “Abusando #1” , “Mal De Amor” and “Ya No Soy El Mismo” (a duet with El Bebeto).  W Corona has also seen a remarkable increase in his streaming audience, with his monthly listeners on Spotify tripling in less than two months.