Artist Testimonials for Friday’s Fundraising Event ¡Va Por El Crew!

¡Va Por El Crew! is a noble cause to raise funds for technical workers (El Crew) who are responsible for making the concerts we enjoy live, take place. The virtual concert happens Friday, August 28. You can purchase a ticket, or a band item, here:

As you know, since March, there are no concerts, which means that there is no money coming in for an important sector of music, and unlike artists, these hard working folks do not receive royalties or other economic relief from the sale of music. The situation is devastating.

Meme from Café Tacvba and Leon Larregui from Zoé are the forerunners of this initiative and have invited fellow bands to help more than 300 technicians, whose livelihood affects their entire family.

Below is a series of video testimonials by artists like Carla Morrison, Hello Seahorse!, Cafe Tacvba, El Haragan, Ely Guerra and many others requesting everyone to chip in what they can for the folks who are living through the devastation of this pandemic.