Tonight: STUFF Open Mic & Show Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

Tonight, STUFF Open Mic & Show will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with a lineup of kickass POC, womxn and LGBTQIA performers. This monthly open mic event has been hosted at La Catrina Cafe in conjunction with Cultura in Pilsen since March of this year.

In contrast to the largely white and cis male mainstream comedy scene of Chicago, STUFF Open Mic & Show is a mixed open mic that centers comedy while also featuring and supporting music artists, storytelling, video pieces and more types of performance, focusing on that which is created and performed by POC, women and femmes, and queer folks.

While this monthly event is usually an open mic with just a few features, tonight’s anniversary event will be a complete showcase with some of the best local comedians and performers we’ve seen throughout the last year, hand-selected by comedian and DIY producer of STUFF, Estephany Guzman.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a full-length interview with the founder and organizer of STUFF Open Mic & Show, Estephany Guzman…

Tonight’s showcase will feature comedy from Jovan Landry and Me’Chelle and stand up from Alex Kumin, Stuti Sharma, Max Thomas, and Alex Montelongo.

In addition, the event will have a few local vendors, Moni Pizano LunaMelody Chang Snyder 
and Sarita Hernandez — in case you wanted to get a jump on your holiday shopping (or find something cute for yourself!).

Work by Sarita Hernandez

WHO: Presented by Cultura in Pilsen and hosted by Estephany Guzman & Kahlil Wilson

WHAT: STUFF Open Mic & Show – 1 Year Anniversary showcase

WHERE: La Catrina Cafe – 1011 W 18th Street

WHEN: 08:30-10:30pm

WHY: To enjoy some amazing performers and comedians in a space that puts POC and LGBTQIA folks to the front, and to support your local DIY organizers & vendors!