Thornato’s Sonic Escape

Globally acclaimed producer Thornato just released Escape Plan, a 10-track album featuring dancefloor fusions and mashups of electrifying global sounds. The new recordings feature collaborations with artists like Bachan Kaur, Zongo Abongo, Sotomayor, KarenBe, El Buho, Benjamin Vanegas and Joshua Camp, among others. From dembow to Brazilian choro and all the electropical sounds in between, Escape Plan grooves in all the right spots. It’s a compilation of sounds so luscious you’re able escape sonically… even if just for the duration of the album. كيفية لعبة روليت

In 2013, he released a track called ‘Gaita Gaita’ via ZZK records, an infectious flute-woven banger (listen to believe it), which became an instant dancefloor hit and has, to this day, been sampled by thousands of producers.

A self-proclaimed ‘sonic hoarder,’ Thornato is obsessed with recording sounds, and does so in a way that’s genuine to their roots. لعبة مباشر He continues to travel the world finding delicious sounds to put his spin on. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت