The Ponderers: Christmas Edition (Tonight!)

Although we have plenty of reasons for you to join us tonight, we’ll only bug you with our top five. If you’re up for music and more, join us tonight at Harbee’s for the year’s last installment of The Ponderers residency (until it gets started again on January 14, 2015). Where did the time go? It’s been fun and we’re looking forward to what 2015 has in store. Music enthusiasts, writers, knitters and ALL welcome…


1. We’re starting early to get some writing done

We’ve invited Hector Ivan Garcia (Scarecrow Pictures) who will discuss his upcoming screenplay to video web series. He’ll explain his plans for 2015 and what he’s looking for as far as scripts, actors, locations, etc. If you’ve been thinking about writing for television or movies, this is your chance to speak to someone who’s worked in the industry. Plus, we’re starting off the session with a few writing exercises. That’s right. Come ready to write. And, members of the Chicago Latino Writers Initiative will be present as well. They’ve got a directory of Latino writers and offer all sorts of writing workshops. Word! 7:30, y’all. Ready?

2. You’ll meet other Chicago creatives

We’ve been fortunate in meeting all sorts of Chicago creatives from all sorts of artistic realms. Whether making jewelry, writing grants, teaching or producing, we’re hoping you’ll meet someone new or (re)connect with someone you just haven’t had a chance to chat with. Hey, nothing wrong with exchanging creative energy. Are you a dreamer?

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3. It’s a school night, make it count

Part of starting early tonight is because we wanted to have some time to exchange ideas with fellow writers. As winter approaches, it’s easier to stay in so why not make the night not just about the music but also about brainstorming, formulating ideas, new characters, strange story lines, etc. So, it starts early enough for you to unwind from the midweek hump, enjoy a drink (or two) and then listen to a few dance-happy tunes before calling it a night. And, by the way, I’m bringing my knitting stuff because I forgot what I was doing and I need help. Help?

4. We Get To Talk In Person, No Facebook Required

Well, that’s true until you post that photo you might take. Ha! Regardless, we probably haven’t talked in a while (or ever! what?!) so why not see each other cara a cara and get some real facetime going. Seriously, I sometimes have to remind myself we’re not machines, um, especially when I’m texting someone that’s in the same room. Hello! What is that about? How about, let’s figure it out together… in person. No le saque.

5 . We like to play happy music you may have never heard of

The Ponderers love all types of music but especially that which provides self-empowerment. We search high and low for music that moves our body and soul. It’s fun, exhausting, and keeps us fueled to find more. What we end up playing always makes us feel wonderful and we’re hoping it does the same for you. We also LOVE to share music from fellow selectas. Share the love!

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