The Indumentarian: Chicago Looks Good

Isa Giallorenzo has been updating her street style blog since 2009, her first post being the 30th of November of that year. Many of us who sit in the style veranda revere her as our fairy godmother. Always with a smile on her face, always in an outfit, always a la mode. Often times when you are at an event, you need not look further for an icebreaker other than, “Oh, do you know Isa?” and even the snarkiest of impossible will turn around in excitement and squeal, “Why yes, I do!”

More than just a buffer, she’s also an integral part of the fashion landscape of this Paris in the Plains. Having one of the most keen eyes of the street style voyeurs, she is always genuinely interested in the subjects she comes across. She is a sensation in every sense and her own style is enviable.  In her most-fervent wake, she revives the utmost attraction in us all: that of being photographed. Who doesn’t like to have their picture taken? If you say you don’t, you must be kidding yourself. It is circumstantial. However, what she does best is nurture the inner trappings of what she knows your aesthetically capable of. If that isn’t complimentary, I don’t know what is.

And now a collection of her work will be featured at Heaven Gallery, opening this weekend. Since she is so busy with the preparations, I sent her a mini questionnaire so you get to know who Isa is and what she stands for. If you had never heard of her before, trust me: you shall love her.

What can we expect to see on Friday at the exhibition?
Expect to see a fabulous selection of fashion seen in the streets from Chicago’s most committed street style bloggers.

Speaking of exhibition, would you say your brand of fashion art is equal parts voyeur and celebration?
HAHAHA, are you asking me because of the feet shots? We won’t have many of those… Well, isn’t appreciating all visual arts voyeuristic?  Aren’t we all going to a gallery to look at something? But yes, I agree, the purpose of this show is to make people appreciate and feel proud for all the great style Chicagoans have. And I truly think they do.

What can you tell me about your own personal style?
Well, first of all I really don’t think I have the best style. If I did I guess I wouldn’t be taking other people’s pictures! I guess I’m very open minded. I don’t care if something is trendy or not, or what era or brand it’s from. Unfortunately, I can’t afford expensive items, but I wouldn’t mind those either!  So yes, I really hate to use this word, but I’d have to say my style is eclectic. The only thing I don’t do is sporty, unless I’m at the gym. No sneakers for me.

How has the fact that you are Brazilian informed or affected your personal style?
I think it has made me more versatile. And more of a shopaholic. Brazilians are huge shoppers!

When did you know that you had the style bug?
Since the day I didn’t have to wear a uniform at school, I was like… 10.

What can you tell us about style in Chicago?
I love it. Most people underestimate because it’s so subtle, but I can definitely see very stylish people here, with a great sense of what works for them. Chicago style is… cool!

What time is a good time to look for your subjects?
I’ll tell you this: you NEVER know. That’s why I always carry a camera with me.

Which neighborhood do you think is most represented in the collection?
Wicker Park and downtown. I’d love to have some from Pilsen though. My next destination!

What is next for you regarding the blog, yourself, etc.?
Pilsen! As for me, two words: Brazil. Carnival. Need I say anything else?

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to catch the show and maybe even say hello to her (or yours truly), here’s the info:

Chicago Looks: A Photo Collection Portraying Street Fashion
Heaven Gallery
1550 N Milwaukee Ave, 2nd floor
Friday, February 4
from 7:00-11:00pm; through March 7
Gallery visitation hours: Saturdays 1:00-5:00pm

See you there!
Don’t be a stranger, but do be stranger