The Future Sounds of Buenos Aires in Chicago

The “Future Sounds of Buenos Aires” is a superbly crafted collection of rural South American sounds uniquely coalesced with futuristic-experimental electronic. ZZK Records, the independent Buenos Aires based label, is responsible for delivering this and other unique cultural collaborations, prominently featured on this new release. Grant C. Dull, known professionally as El G, a Texas native now bound musically to South America, is the label’s manager and co-founder. El G will be sharing these musical gems on his upcoming visit to Chicago as part of a US promotional tour in support of the album.

FSOBA is described as “a project that draws on an international and multi-media digital arts platform, including the hottest tracks from the Buenos Aires urban underground to cross-continental collaborations, remixes, video-clips, international concerts […] and a variety of encounters between artists from all over the world.” Buenos Aires is quickly becoming the focal point for this Latin American cultural movement and FSOBA is its defining sound. “Future Sounds of Buenos Aires is a milestone for our label. It’s a taste of the ZZK sound, as well as past and future hits,” says El G via email.

El G goes on to explain that the 12-track album is a historic imprint that delightfully recaps where ZZKRecords has been and where it is headed. “Future Sounds of Buenos Aires” features emerging artists from Buenos Aires’ electronic underground including Chancha Via Circuito, Frikstailers, Super Guachin, El Remolon and King Coya, among others. These artists are influenced by traditional cumbia and folkloric roots, which are then stupendously combined with modern, street-inspired sounds. “ZZK is the first label to push the sound of Argentina from the villa (ghettos) to the uptown,” says Diplo, DJ and founder of US record label Mad Decent.

El G has been able to push the ZZK label as a global movement hitting the decks at major stages and festivals across the world including Coachella and Central Park’s Summer Stage. He successfully walks the fine line between eclectic and accessible. “Chicago plays an awesome part in the history of ZZK. Our first tour ended in Chicago and the party finished up with a spontaneous acoustic jam session with Leo from Tremor, Axel Krygier and El Remolon after the sound system shut off. We also met Phillip from Crosstalk at that show who essentially started distributing and manufacturing our first vinyl records. Last year a management deal for ZZK was constructed over a downtown pizza, then coffee the next morning at a neighborhood coffee shop… not to mention the endless good times, great food and friends we’ve made every time we swing through,” explains El G.
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