The Delicate Tears of The Waning Moon at Steppenwolf Theatre

Rebeca Aleman, the founder of Water People Theater, is also a journalist and an award-winning actress. In the play, The Delicate Tears of The Waning Moon, Aleman’s writing and performance journeys into lives lived in inhumane conditions and the consequences for those who seek their freedom. Inspired by true events, the play runs until October 13 at Steppenwolf Theater as part of Destinos – 3rd Chicago International Theater Festival.  

About The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon

By Rebeca Alemán. Directed by Iraida Tapias. — “Inspired by true events, this poignant drama by Rebeca Alemán is about a human rights journalist, Paulina, who has recently emerged from a coma and must recover her memory in order to unveil the truth and achieve justice. All she remembers is that she has a mother and a daughter. Rodrigo by her side goes to inconceivable lengths to help her.

A one-act play that takes place over the course of two months with Paulina desperately trying to reconstruct her personal story. Rodrigo is certain that Paulina, knowing the truth, will never forgive him. Two characters fall into a world of violence where cruelty is a habit, impunity is routine, freedom a utopia, and telling the truth is the greatest risk.”