Take the edge off

The first impression you get as you walk into this Wicker Park lounge is how streamlined and clean cut owner Anastacio Gonzalez has designed it. The highlights come from the pleasant amber lamps and the nicely back lit bar. If you come alone, enjoy watching our local teams on one of two flat screen’s above the bar or come with a group and chill comfortably in one of the many U-shaped booth’s in the rear.

Edge boost’s a simple yet interesting drink menu will please the most uptight Lincoln Park Trixie or the most Blue Class beer drinker. The martini menu boosts such mixologist gems that involve passion fruit, elder flower liqour, muddled berries and the such. They also boast a beer menu with twenty beers ranging from the typical big brewers like Miller and Pacifico to the more selective local breweries such as Three Floyd’s Gumball Head from Munster ,IN. Yum…

One of the strong points, however, is the food. I eat like there’s not tommorrow and this place is not like a typical bar slash lounge good. تنزيل اموال حقيقية The menu is different and fun. Mango Chicken, Salmon Rolls and sandwiches that will make your mouth water. And, as a plus point, the fries are extra yummers.

Sitting at this bar eating dinner and drinking down a few Hitachino beers, which are very good with the Salmon Roll’s while watching the hawks game with some very vocal hockey chick fans, I was happy with how, most importantly for me, the atmosphere was very fun. The regulars that I met and the bartender was very friendly and likes to keep up a conversation. betfinal بالعربي

All in all, its a quaint little hot spot in what is a very old school area of Wicker Park. كيف تربح المال من الالعاب Its main focus was to showcase different events but as it is struggling to keep up with everyday service, the hospitality is top notch and the overall experience is very nice.

Edge Food & Cocktail Lounge
1700 W. Division St, Chicago, IL