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Fear of the Latino Vote

I have seen several articles about the Latino vote that focus almost exclusively on the Latinos…


Why the trouble with the Latino vote is more than an issue of low turnout.

Trump Will Win [VIDEO]

Why the worst case scenario is inevitable.

The Case Against Hillary (and Trump), Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

Prof. Cornel West gives one of clearest explanations for why progressives shouldn't vote for Hillary (or…

Interview: Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Alderman on a Mission

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa discusses gentrification, civil disobedience, Chicago's broken education system, policing reform and, of course,…

Hell No to Hillary

Even if it means Trump.

Democrats Enact Trump’s Deportation Plans While Trying to Win Latino Vote

Everyone has been so worried about Donald Trump and his plan to rid the country of…

Chicago’s Political Unicorn

The 35th ward's new alderman is Latino and gay. But most surprising of all: he's also…