Surabhi Ensemble Global Tour Project with Massamba Diop (Black Panther) – Oct 15 at City Winery

This special performance is presented in support of the upcoming Surabhi Ensemble tour to schools, community centers, and concert venues in Asia, Europe, and Africa in January 2019. World class guest artists and friends will join the ensemble for an evening of great global fusion music and dance from the Indian, Arabic, Spanish and African traditions. The simple message is: “One Stage. One Music. One Community.” A special performance is set for City Winery, 1200 W Randolph St in Chicago, on Monday, Oct 15 at 7:30PM CST.

Members of the award-winning global fusion group, Surabhi Ensemble are taking their art and positive message to schools, community centers, and concert halls in Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, and Senegal in January 2019 and will collaborate with renowned artists in each country they visit. The mission of the Surabhi Ensemble is to demonstrate the connections between cultures and to teach a positive message of togetherness in creating, performing, and demonstrating new works of music and dance. Members of the performance group also work with schools, hospitals, community organizations, and cultural centers to share this positive message of cultural unity and outreach.

The group’s founder, Saraswathi Ranganathan (Indian veena artist) was recently named “Best Asian Entertainer of the Year” at the 2018 Chicago Music Awards and directs the Ensemble of Ragas School of music. Ronnie Malley (Oud) has achieved much acclaim for his work with international artists, original music compositions for film and theater, and teaching experience in ethnomusicology. Carlo Basile (Spanish Guitar) brings a percussive global Spanish guitar sound to the ensemble along with original compositions, teaching experience from his world travels to over 30 countries, and background in social work through music. These three artists form the core of the Surabhi Ensemble.

“The world needs the music and message of the Surabhi Ensemble. Their self-titled debut is a cultural touchstone bringing together the music of different global cultures in a free-wheeling folksy, jazzy, jammy good time…the intent is a positive message of togetherness.” – Worldbeat Extravaganza

Sponsored by: City Winery Chicago, Neoteric Nutra, Studio Mangiameli, Intercultural Music Production, Las Guitarras de España, Ensemble of Ragas and V-Dogs Chicago