Summer in New York at the Latin Alternative Music Conference

As I get ready for another visit to New York City for the thirteenth installment of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, I’m once again anxious with excitement, feeling silly with anticipation and going crazy, in my nerd-like way, with nervous writing as I prepare questions for interviews.  This year’s line-up of artists is a music lover’s dream come true, especially for someone who may or may not be obsessed with girl-powered artists. The event has never been less than stellar and this year is no exception. It’s a wonder I haven’t yet fainted. Seriously.

There’s a sense of suppressed urgency on the first day of the conference as everyone gets into their mode, depending on why they’re in attendance. Last year, for example, it was refreshing to see so many more women involved, both in front of and behind the camera. Whether it was dealing with an artist’s manager (and by “dealing with” I mean “getting yelled at by,” ha!), or interviewing a budding artist, women were a prevalent part of the LAMC. With this year’s line-up featuring so many Latinas, I think there should be some sort of award given to the organizer’s for their all-inclusive ideology.La-Santa-Cecilia

Thankfully, this year I’ll be there on the first half-day start which means, yes, please don’t get all green with envy, but, I will be watching, my girl of girls, the lady whose music I listen to daily, the one and only queen of my hip hop loving soul, Mala Rodriguez. Mala. Rodriguez. Yes. Her. She’s performing at the Central Park Summerstage. The moment she walks on stage and utters that first sound will be the official start of my summer. It’s her blessing, y’all! A summer in New York means life is grand. But wait. Wait. The fact that she’s joined by the amazing, out of this world lyrical, poetical genius, Ana Tijoux, well, umm, it’s making me faint again. Woah!

But wait -my head might explode while I’m there so I hope you’ll give me feedback during my updates so I don’t think  I’m in another reality- that’s just the beginning of the magical encounters I’m going to have. Did I mention who else is performing? Chicas Superpoderosas, asProyecto Latina says! LAMC is also featuring Ximena Sariñana, Monica Lionheart, Xenia Rubinos, Carla Morrison, Javiera Mena, La Santa Cecilia and oh my goodness, the list goes on. This is definitely a dream version of a Latino Lilith Fair. Imagine? Well, I won’t have to now. I’m only a few days away from basking in the joy of outstanding live art. Eek!!!

Anyway, there are some major players this year and I’ll be blogging daily with recaps on what I saw, what I heard, what I learned and who I made out with. Boy-oy-oy-oing!!! Hey now. I kid, I kid! (I’ll tell you in person when I return, duh!)

For those of you joining me in NY, check out thisFriday’s print edition of Extra for some LAMC dos and don’ts. Everyone else, please keep posted for videoupdates, interviews and more.

Here we go! On the road again…

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