Stuffing the Turkey

Writer and director Tony Mendoza, and Broad Shoulders Productions (BSPfilm) present the production of Stuffing the Turkey. In this unique show, film and live theater are presented simultaneously creating an buy discount viagra engaging and provocative multimedia comedy experience.

As a buy viagra com commercial pilot, Ana spent most holidays in the air, away from her husband, Carlo a college professor, and four children. Having recently retired, she is excited to finally be home and make up for lost time with her family. Her plans cheapest brand levitra are unsettled when her daughter, Kat, announces a move to Costa Rica. Determined to have one last dinner with the whole clan, Ana reschedules Thanksgiving and insists everyone attend… in March! Ana and Carlo’s adult children reluctantly oblige, but Kat is not the only one whose life has taken a new route.

What unravels is a series situations caused by news and revelations that make this early Thanksgiving dinner an even more unusual early spring celebration.

Stuffing the Turkey presents a diverse cast that includes Ana María Alvarez, Elio Leturia, Nathalie Galde, Abe Elmourabit, Ashley Yates, María Velázquez, Saif Siddiqui, Richard Bronson and Carmen Cenko.

The show opened last week and it will continue Friday may 25 and Saturday May 26 at 7:30 pm closing on Sunday May 27 at 3 pm. at the Chicago Dramatists, 1105 West Chicago Avenue in the River West neighborhood.

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